Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology (Reshetnev University), founded in 1960 as a unique higher educational institution where theoretical training is combined with practice in hi-tech enterprises, currently is a contemporary multi-disciplinary higher school where specialists in such high-technology and innovative spheres as rocket and space production as well as computer sciences, international business, finance, management and humanities are trained.

The University is named after academician Mikhail F. Reshetnev, an outstanding scientist, chief-constructor of space-rocket systems and communication satellites.   

Currently, the University is undertaking activities in many regions of the world, building a strong international reputation and a truly global university environment. It has collaborative relationships with more than 50 universities in 25 countries of the world such as Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, the USA, China, etc.

The University has accredited education programs on both the state and international scales. It allows to study and introduce the best foreign practices, joint programs, publish methodical materials and invite world-class specialists from all over the world.