The Scientific Library opens the way to the world of knowledge, scientific facts, inventions, and human wisdom. The Library is a primary resource for obtaining a wide range of information, whether it is found in ancient folios or electronic libraries.

The Scientific Library of the Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology has successfully kept pace with the University for more than 50 years. The library was founded in 1960 together with the University. At that time, the collection numbered 2 000 editions. Two hundred users were served by two employees. At present, it is one of the biggest libraries in the city of Krasnoyarsk. Its main aim is to provide information for training and scientific activities at the University as well as the formation and effective use of information resources. The Library contains around 2 000 000 items, and its annual additions are about 50,000 items. The Library serves more than 20 000 users, including students, postgraduates, instructors, and scientific researchers of the University and its subsidiaries as well as workers in the basic enterprises.

The pride of the Library is an invaluable collection of rare books on aviation, cosmonautics, rocket equipment, and machine building. The Library subscribes to more than 800 periodicals annually.

The Library meets the needs of all types of users engaged in scientific work. It is a data base of bibliographical documents, and teaches library users to operate its search system and to look for information in electronic libraries.

A feature of the Library’s development is the active adoption of new information technologies. The access to information resources on the basis of modern technologies provides remote users with full-text resources and electronic libraries. Logical organization and use of electronic resources has become the main activities of the Library.

The professional activity of the library is diverse. Its distinctiveness is in serving the practices that are close to the University’s activities. The Library is the center of cultural, spiritual, and intellectual communication for students and instructors.

One of the important measures of the Library’s status is the performance of the Library staff in various events: conferences, seminars, and roundtables concerning problems of library theory and practice.

The Library’s core staff is a group of creative and highly-skilled specialists who assure the Library’s success.