Culture House "Aerospace"

The Culture House “Aerospace” has become the Interuniversity Youth Center of Krasnoyarsk. Traditional events such as ...>>

Recreationa Center "Comet"

The Camp “Comet”, situated in the picturesque Shirinsky district of the Khakassia Republic, close to Itkul Lake, is a favorite place to ... >>

Sport Center

The SibSAU Sport Center consists of the house of water sports, 4 gyms, a stadium with hockey and football fields and a weight room. >>

Food Production Facility

SibSAU is proud of its food production facility which is located in all buildings of the university. The average cost for lunch is 35 – 50 rubles.


The Students’ Campus of the university consists of 3 dormitories where more than 850 students and postgraduates from ... >>

Medical Center

SibSAU takes care of staff and student health: all first-year students undergo a medical examination, and ...>>