Krasnoyarsk Territory is located in Central Siberia, extending from the Sayan Mountains and the Minusinsk basin in the south across the Siberian wooded steppe, taiga, and tundra to the Arctic Ocean. The territory stretches along the entire course of the Yenisey River, an important transportation route and electric power source. The distance between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk is about 4,000km.

Krasnoyarsk Territory is the second largest Russian region, occupying an area of over 2mln sq. km, which is 13% of the country's total territory. It stretches 3,000 km from north to south. The region lies in the middle of Siberia and shares borders with Tyumen, Tomsk, Irkutsk, and Kemerovo regions, the republics of Khakassiya, Tyva, and Sakha, and the Taymyr Autonomous District in the North.

Krasnoyarsk Territory is among the richest of Russia's regions in natural resources. 80% of the country's nickel, 75% of its cobalt, 70% of its copper, 16% of its coal, and 10% of its gold are extracted in this area. Krasnoyarsk also produces 20% of the country's timber. The region's major industries are: non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, forestry, chemicals, and oil refining.

The climate of the region is sharply continental, with great fluctuations in temperature in the course of year. As Krasnoyarsk Territory stretches in meridian direction for about 3,000km, the climate is indeed diverse. Central and southern regions of the Territory have long winter, short spring and short and hot summer. Average winter temperature is –18C, average summer temperature is +28C.

Krasnoyarsk is the center of the vast Krasnoyarsk Territory; it is the second biggest city in Siberia and a powerful industrial center. There are about 1 million inhabitants.

Near Krasnoyarsk (20 minutes by car) there's the national park Stolby - a very diverse natural area with unusual cliffs. In Krasnoyarsk and its suburbs there are a lot of other sights to see such as Regional Studies Museum, Surikov’s Arts Gallery-Museum, Victory Memorial, the Intercession Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, John the Baptist Church, the Roman-Catholic Transfiguration Church, the city’s Zoo “Royev Ruchei”, Krasnoyarsk Circus, Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theater, Pushkin Drama Theater, Theater of Musical Comedy, Theater of Youth and Krasnoyarsk Puppet Theater. Also, Krasnoyarsk can be a good starting place for trips to Khakasiya and Tuva.

The city also amazes with the hospitality of local people — a typical Siberian trait, but especially evident in Krasnoyarsk. Everybody, from a bus conductor to a stranger on the street, seem to want to make you feel good and proud of their city.

Krasnoyarsk lies along the Yenisey River — one of the most beautiful and powerful rivers of Siberia. It is surrounded by mountains, giving a very interesting flavour to the city views.

Krasnoyarsk is waiting for you!