Today the University enrolls about 19 000 students. A multi-level system of training at Reshetnev University gives students new opportunities for advancement of their knowledge and trains them to be high-level professionals, specialists, and researchers in various areas of science and technology.

Education at Reshetnev University is carried out by 599 professors with doctors of sciences with candidates of sciences. The educational process is implemented by the Aerospace College, 2 University subsidiaries, 10 institutes and 8 faculties.

The University was founded as a unique higher educational institution where theoretical training is combined with practice in hi-tech enterprises from the very beginning of study. This tradition has been maintained throughout Reshetnev University’s history. Not only are students educated in university classrooms but also in scientific laboratories, workshops, and departments of affiliated enterprises. The Russian Academy of Sciences oversees the University’s activities and its educational and research programs.

Constant improvement of the educational process, the implementation of modern educational technologies, and competitive approaches provide for the dynamic development of the University. The University also focuses on in-depth language training – the English language is studied by students of all specialties and areas throughout their studies.

Over its many years, Reshetnev University has employed an innovative strategy which has fostered the evolution of the University as a leading space research university with an infrastructure for education and training, scientific and technical research, and industrial activities. The University, which started with a narrow focus, now offers a broad range of educational opportunities in engineering, science, and the humanities.