Admission to Russian universities is open. Here is some information on the application process to study in Russia.

To get in contact with the university you may send documents by e-mail to the university Department of International Cooperation. An application package consists of the application form (personal data), copies of documents describing previous education (both certificate/diploma and transcript/marksheet) and a copy of your passport. As a rule, decision making takes not more than 7-10 days.

If the application is approved, the university shall initiate the process for issuing of the state invitation letter. The document is to be released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The process requires at least 3-4 weeks. The original invitation letter (as well as confirmation of admission) are required when applying for a Russian student visa. The applicant should pay for express mail service to receive the documents with no delay.

Application for a visa may take a couple of weeks. Thus, the application process as a rule takes up to 1,5-2 months in total.

Pre-university programs (study of the language and core subjects) start within the time period September – November (depends on the university and the subject).

(Under)Graduate programs start in September.

Postgraduate programs start in October – November.

Study is available in the Russian language.

More information regarding admission is available in the sections Admission to Degree programs, Admission to Doctoral programs, Admission to Non-degree programs.