The first thing to do is to choose the program you would like to study (one of the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree programs). Don't forget that practically all programs are taught in Russian. If your Russian language skills are not strong enough to enter an academic program, you will have to take pre-entry courses at Reshetnev University.

At least 3 months prior to the start of the program (the beginning of the academic year in Russia is on the 1st of September) you should send the following documents to the International Cooperation Department (by e-mail or fax):

  • the application form;
  • a copy of your national passport (the passport should be valid for at least 1,5 years after the submission of the application form);
  • copies of education certificates including academic transcripts (list of units taken in each year of study, assessment grades for each unit, credits gained in each unit taken, degree awarded, etc.) and their translations into English or Russian;
  • the list of your published works (if any), as well as the subject and the basic methods of your future research (for postgraduate and PhD applicants only).

Please note that a secondary education certificate is required to study for a Bachelor's degree or a Specialist's degree certificate. A Bachelor's degree certificate is required if you wish to study for a Master's degree, while a Master's degree diploma is necessary for postgraduate studies.

You will have to wait until you receive the official confirmation of admission to the University.

Within 1 month after receiving the confirmation, the invitation letter will be sent by express mail. Postage is to be refunded upon your arrival. The invitation gives you the right to apply for an entry visa at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. Please note that you may study at Reshetnev University only if you have received an invitation from the International Cooperation Department of the University. If you come to Russia by an invitation from any other Russian university, legal entity or individual, you may not be registered at Reshetnev University.

While waiting for the Invitation letter, prepare all the necessary documents:

  • the application form.
  • original copies of education certificates including academic transcripts (full list of the subjects a student has studied, the degree awarded, etc.) that have been legalized in the Consular Department of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs or through apostille. These education certificates have to go through the credential evaluation procedure.
  • standard certificate confirming the equivalence of foreign education certificates and qualifications in the Russian Federation (if a student hasn't obtained the Certificate, he or she has the right to obtain it after entering Reshetnev University).
  • the national passport and its certified translation.
  • the birth certificate and its certified translation (if it is not in Russian).
  • the original copy of the standard medical certificate and its certified translation.
  • the certificate of the HIV-negative status and its certified translation.
  • 6 color photos (3 x 4 cm).

Please note that it is necessary to provide original copies of all the documents, as well as their Russian translations. The translations should be made by a Russian translator (for example, by a Russian Consulate officer) and certified by a notary.

After you have obtained the visa, please send your travel information (airline, flight number, arrival time, etc.) to the International Cooperation Department, so that its staff members can arrange the pick-up service at the airport and make sure there are rooms available at the dormitories.

Within 2 working days after your arrival you should submit all the required documents to the International Cooperation Department. It will enable you to sign an education contract, to move into the dormitory and to arrange the registration with the migration service.

On arrival you should consult to the International Cooperation Department where you will be advised on the legalization of international documents. In other words, you will be helped to confirm the equivalence of foreign education certificates. Additional information about the admission rules, official requirements in preparing to come to Russia, cultural issues, etc. are available here: