The Aerospace School was established in 1993. This municipal educational institution is a part of the pre-university training at SibSAU. The School works with students of 7th to 11th level. The 7th to 9th levels are considered to be pre-specialized forms, and students in the 10th to 11th levels begin specialized training.

In order to encourage students’ creativity, the School decided to reject the traditional system of lessons. Instead, it offers every student the opportunity to form his or her individual educational path in accordance with their interests and prospectives for further education.

The main feature of the School is a combination of vocational, scientific, research, and general education, including authors’ programs, courses based on safety, and the development of the traditions of Russian engineering education. Use of innovative pedagogical technologies reduces the period of students’ adaptation to a school of higher education and impacts academic and professional success for future specialists.

Lessons are given by instructors of SibSAU and other universities. Students are actively engaged in a scientific activity, participating in contests and conferences and defending patents for inventions.

Each year, over 80% of graduates of the School become students of the Siberian State Aerospace University.