Since its founding, SibSAU has been proud of its sportsmen, who have made both the University and the whole Krasnoyarsk region famous all over the world. The Faculty plays a key role in students’ athletic success.

Training is offered in nine sports: basketball, volleyball, swimming, swimming in flippers, handball, fitness, skating, ping-pong, and chess. There are also programs for students with disabilities. Together with the City Center of Sports Medicine, the Faculty is engaged in scientific research.

Among the instructors is an honored coach of Russia, other highly-qualified coaches, doctors and candidates of pedagogy, honored masters of sports, international masters of sports, masters of sports of the USSR and Russia, and world champions in all varieties of athletics.

SibSAU’s world-class Sports Complex is at the disposal of the instructors and students of the University. The complex includes the House of Water Sports, 4 gyms, a stadium with hockey, football fields, and a weight room.

In the Sports Club, there are 20 different sports sections. The club organizes sports events that attract numerous students.

Leading athletes of the University participate in international contests. Over the last 5 years, the students of SibSAU have participated in 29 international competitions, including the World Championship, the World Cup, and the Championship of Russia, where SibSAU students won approximately 300 medals. More than 200 medals were won in All-Russia contests. Nine people were included in National Teams in different sports and successfully represented Russia in international events.