SibSAU students and graduates, students and graduates of other universities after getting their first degree have an opportunity to continue their education within a great range of additional and refresher courses. It helps specialists continue enriching their knowledge throughout their lives and be competitive on a labour market.

The Institute of Life-Long Learning is a University unit established to improve the system of continuous education at SibSAU ensuring development of professional and personal qualities of a person at every stage of formation. Moreover, it offers tailored education and tries to meet needs of specialists focusing on different professional areas.

The Institute of Life-Long Learning consists of the following departments:

  • Part-Time Education Department;
  • Faculty of Refresher Training and Retraining;
  • Preparation Courses;
  • Center for Distance Learning Technologies;
  • Center for Professional Accreditation and Certification;
  • Center for Russian as a Foreign Language;
  • Foreign Languages Resource Center;
  • Technical Support Laboratory of the Educational Process.

All departments have specific purposes in life-long learning extension. They provide services for University applicants who plan to enter SibSAU and would like to take preparation courses. It helps them improve their skills in scientific areas which will be the primary ones in the process of their study. Their task is encouraging students to take more additional courses for improving their educational achievement, developing of the academic skills they will have when they graduate from high school.

Other groups of applicants are teaching staff of educational institutions located in the city and regions, and also specialists in various professional areas who need to undergo professional certification or attestation.

The Institute also got a status of a Certification Center for Russian as a Foreign Language which is responsible for running examination sessions for foreign citizens. Upon examination results test takers have an opportunity to obtain a work permit or Russian citizenship. Furthermore, the Center arranges courses of the Russian language for applicants who plan to enter the University to study for bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or postgraduate programs.

The Institute plays a crucial role for the University in terms of information and communication technologies implementation. It is in charge of developing distance learning at SibSAU and supporting teaching staff in using technologies in the educational process.

The Institute’s role is very vital for the whole University and contributes a lot into its development and prosperity.