The most prestigious professions all over the world are connected with Business Administration. It goes without saying you should study it using the best global experience.

Studying at the International Higher Business School at Siberian State Aerospace University gives you such a unique opportunity. The diploma of the International Higher Business School is accepted by the well-known Universities in the USA and Europe.

The International Higher Business School’s mission is providing highly-skilled graduates and training managers for the international, innovative Economy.

Training at the International Higher Business School is conducted within a framework of the Bologna process (Bachelor`s and Master`s degree in the course of Management. The curriculum is subject to Federal State Educational Standards and European Council Business Education Standards (ECBE) from 2004(reaccreditation in 2010) and American Association of Business School Universities from 2009.

In the International Higher Business School life-long education system including fundamental two-level professional training and extra professional education in Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme was created.

Thr international format of the educational programmes and the intensified instruction in foreign languages give our students opportunities to study in 15 Universities abroad (USA, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic and others). It also makes it possible to engage foreign professors in the educational process at SibSAU.

During the academic year third and fourth year Bachelor students are taught at SUNY Oneonta University, New-York, USA, Dickinson University, North Dakota, USA. They have a chance to graduate from these universities and upon defending their qualification papers, get two Higher education diplomas from the two accredited institutions.

Professors of the International Higher Business School are very skilled and experienced specialists, using progressive educational technologies in practice. They successfully join academic activity and business-consulting practice in innovative enterprises of the region. They do scientific research as well. Scientific Schools have been founded and developed in the International Higher Business School. Graduates of these programs are highly competative as specialists in the world community. 

The International Higher Business School graduates are employees of large corporations both in Russia and abroad, in state and local administrations, and in small and medium-sized businesses as well.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

  • Management

Master's Degree Programs

  • Management
  • Human resource management