SibSAU has always maintained a close connection with the city of Zheleznogorsk, where a major enterprise in satellite construction is located. In the 1970s, primary departments of the university were organized within the satellite construction enterprise. Specialists have been trained in Zheleznogorsk since 1985.

The Zheleznogorsk subsidiary of SibSAU provides everything necessary for qualified training: the library holds a collection of 19,800 volumes of the newest literature, 48 periodical subscriptions, 4 computer rooms, 2 multimedia rooms, and an internet connection.

Currently, the subsidiary provides training in economic, technical, and humanities specialties. Students are able to intern in various capacities in the enterprises within the city. The SibSAU subsidiary’s graduates make up an important part of the workforce in the major enterprises of the city.

The majority of students combine studying with amateur performances and athletic activities. Creative teams were organized for students’ creative development. Football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and swimming teams represent the University in municipal, territorial, and Federal sports events.