The Institute of Distance Learning was established in 2014 on the basis of correspondence faculties of distance learning, such as Faculty of Chemical Technology and Faculty of Forest Engineering. The Institute is a structural unit of Reshetnev University.

The Institute aim is to provide quality education mainly on-the-job training, by e-learning and distance learning technologies, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards. Graduates of the Institute are high professionals that are in demand in the job market.

Nowadays there are 4000 students who study at the Reshetnev University Institute of Distance Learning, including 1500 students studying on a budgetary basis and nearly 2500 students obtaining the refunds of tuition fee.

The Institute offers 15 academic programs, leading to the degree of Bachelor in the technical, technological, social-economic fields and the field of humanities and 2 programs leading to the degree of Master. In addition, the Institute offers the opportunity to receive the second undergraduate degree on a fee-paying basis with the credit transfer for the same disciplines.