The Institute of Supplementary Professional Education, Further Training and Retraining was established in 1999 to provide systematic approach in the area of supplementary education. In 2013 the Institute was renamed into the Institute of Supplementary Education. The Institute has been a structural unit of Reshetnev University since 2016.

The Institute of Supplementary Education performs the following activities:

– meets the needs of professors and specialists to gain, update and improve their knowledge about the latest achievements in the relevant branches of science and technology within the progressive Russian and foreign experience;

– organizes professional training and reorientation for professors of higher or secondary vocational educational institutions, including training for professors of Reshetnev University;

– provides activities in orientation, reorientation and professional training for specialists of enterprises, organizations and institutions as well as for civil servants, laid off workers and the unemployed;

– provides additional fee-paying education in accordance with the professionally-oriented programmes, in addition to the corresponding academic programmes and state educational standards for the participants and students of the university;

– provides additional educational services by agreements with various institutions or individuals, taking into account the requirements of the parties and the course content of the academic programme requirements;

– offers professional training programs such as civil defense and protection in emergencies, measures to countering terrorism in educational institutions, life safety, state policy for preventing corruption;

– organizes professional training for professors, teachers and specialists in the area of knowledge evaluation system development, didactic tests and technologies for computer-assisted testing;

– develops open education and distance learning systems;

– organizes educational, scientific and methodological activities in the field of information security;

– provides full-time and part-time (extramural) education;

– realizes basic professional education programmes;

– organizes and conducts scientific researches, technological and pilot projects, consultations for the students;

– performs scientific analysis of programmes, projects, recommendations, other documents and materials relevant to the research profile of the Institute;

– provides methodological activities in preparation for compiling study plans, programmes and methodological manuals;

– develops methodological guidelines for quality assessment of knowledge evaluation systems, didactic tests and technologies of computer testing;

– provides consultations for natural or juridical person in the field of choice, accumulation and updating of knowledge evaluation and test tasks;

– provides tests for Non-Russian nationalities who wish to apply for a work permit, residence permit or citizenship in the Russian Federation;

– absorbs and implements new forms, methods, techniques and tools for teaching;

– implements various forms of cooperation with Russian and overseas educational institutions, enterprises and organizations;

– holds scientific and research conferences for sharing experience;

– improves cultural, legal, psychological and pedagogical levels of the Institute staff and research assistants;


The Institute’s structural subdivisions provide supplementary professional and educational training and issue corresponding documents at the end of education (diplomas, certificates).

The Institute Staff is highly qualified and consists of Doctors of science and candidates for the Degree of Doctor of science, associate and full professors. The Institute also involves specialists of economic enterprises and organizations.