The Faculty of Forest Engineering was established in 1929 to train engineers who are able to create, develop and manage the forest industry.

In 2016, the Faculty of Forest Engineering was joined the Institute of Forest Technology of the Flagship University of Krasnoyarsk region. On 18 May 2018, the Faculty of Forest Engineering was separated from the Institute of Forest Technology of Reshetnev University.

The Faculty consists of 6 departments, 5 of which are departments with graduate students.

Currently there are five doctors of science and professors in the Faculty; 70 per cent of them have scientific degrees and titles. The Faculty also offers the postgraduate programmes.


 Academic programmes:

Bachelor Degree programmes:

15.03.02 Production Machines and Equipment

  • Forestry Machinery and Equipment
  • Machinery and Wood Complex Equipment Engineering

23.03.02 Land Transport and Technological Complexes

  • Technologies and Equipment for Gardening and Landscaping

35.03.02 Logging Technology and Wood Processing Industries

  • Forest Industrial Business
  • Transport Logistics
  • Complex Use and Protection of Water Resources

Master degree programmes:

15.04.02 Technological Machines and Equipment

  • Processes, Machines and Equipment for Forestry

35.04.02 Technology of Logging and Woodworking Industries

  • Technological Processes and Equipment of Woodworking Industries

Faculty’s departments:

  • Department of Forestry Technology and Equipment
  • Department of Water Use
  • Department of Industrial Transport and Construction
  • Department of Transport Vehicles and Transport and Technological Machines
  • Department of Technology and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Construction Materials and Technologies

The main employers for graduates of the Faculty:

  • Krasnoyarsk Region State Enterprise “Road Maintenance Company”
  • Center of Forest Protection of Krasnoyarsk region
  • Institute of Forest
  • LTD “Tomlesdrev”
  • LTD “TaygaMash”
  • Ilim Group
  • JSC “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood-Chemical Complex”
  • SC Lesosibirsky LDK No.1
  • LTD “Maltatwood”
  • Forest Holding Company “Altailes”
  • Woodworking Company “Enisey”
  • Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Management of Krasnoyarsk region
  • The group of companies “Medved Holding”
  • Concern “Tractor Plants”