The Faculty of Forestry of the Siberian Institute of Agriculture and Forestry was established in Omsk in 1922. With the reorganization of the Institute in 1930, the Faculty was transferred to Krasnoyarsk as a part of the Siberian Institute of Forestry which later became known as Siberian State University of Technology. In 2016, the Faculty of Forestry joined the Institute of Forest Technology of the Flagship University of Krasnoyarsk region.

On 18 May 2018, The Faculty of Forest was separated from the Institute of Forest Technology of Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology.

 The Faculty has university's training laboratory base for academic and scientific studies. There are specialized laboratories equipped with dummy modules and training equipment for the majority of special disciplines. A valuable collection of insects, mushrooms, plants, minerals is also represented. Moreover there is the unique and famous Museum of forest animals and birds. There is a working Center for Continuing Ecological Education and Scientific Research under the Faculty and an office with modern computer equipment.


The Faculty maintains a great number of valuable objects used for academic and industrial training:

• Scientific-experimental forestry farm with an area of more than 72 thousand ha.

• The Arboretum, determined as Special Protection Natural Area in Krasnoyarsk region, with more than 200 species of taxons in European, Far Eastern, North American and Siberian Flora;

• V. Krutovskiy Botanical Garden

• Greenhouse

• Geodesic testing area in Scientific-experimental forestry farm

• A combination of permanent and temporary plots in Scientific-experimental forestry farm and other objects


 Academic Programmes:

35.03.01 Forestry Business

  • Reforestation and Forest Management;
  • Forestry

35.03.10 Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape Construction;

20.03.02 Environmental Engineering and Water Use

  • Environmental and Territorial Planning;

35.04.01 Forestry

  • Forest reproduction, forest pirology and protection of forests; ???
  • Forestry and Forest Management;

35.04.09 Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape Construction and Ornamental Plant Cultivation;

The Faculty has a senate that considers the defence of doctoral and “candidate” theses by the following scientific directions:

• 06.03.01 - Forest cultures, selection, seed production (agricultural sciences)

• 06.03.02 - Silviculture, forestry, forest management and forest inventory (agricultural sciences)

Faculty’s departments:

• The Department of Forest Inventory, Forest Management and Geodesy

• The Forestry Department

• The Department of Selection and Gardening

• The Department of Ecology and Forest Protection.

• The Department of Dendrology

Key scientific areas of the Faculty:

• Study of forest stand condition, urboecosystems in Siberia and assessment of the impact of phytopathogens and harmful insects;

• The assessment of the impact of natural-man-made complexes on forest system and urboecosystem;

• Research of pattern matching in tree structures, quality, dynamics of Average Siberia Forest and implementing complex sustainable forest management;

• Study of spatial structure organisation, Average Siberian Forest structure and growth;

• The development of methodological fundamentals for the inventory of urban plants;

• The development of forest fire protection system and reforestation system for stabilization of ecological balance;

• Study of anthropogenic and natural factors influence on formation and growth of the Siberian forest range;

• Establishment of plantations with the usage of a selection planting material;

• The polymorphism of pines;

• The introduction of woody plants;

• Problems of gardening and landscaping of siberian cities.