On 18 May 2018, the Faculty of Natural Compounds Processing was separated from the Institute of Forest Technology of the Reshetnev University.

The Faculty trains bachelors and masters for forestry, oil and natural gas refining and extraction, food processing and other industries. The modern high technology laboratories enable the students to acquire necessary skills needed for today’s job market. Many years professional experience formed close partnership relations with a number of enterprises. This fact helps our students to find suitable employment during the industrial training and pre-graduation training.

Bachelor Degree programmes:

15.03.02 Production Machines and Equipment

  • Oil and Gas Refining Equipment
  • Food Engineering
  • Papermaking Machines

18.03.01 Chemical Technology

  • Chemical Technology of Pulp and Papermaking

18.03.02 Energy and Resources Saving Processes in Chemical Engineering, Petrochemical and Biotechnology

  • Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources

19.03.01 Biotechnology

  • Industrial Biotechnology

44.03.04 Professional Education

  • Chemical Production

Master Degree programmes:

15.04.02 Technological Machines and Equipment

  • Industrial Technologies

18.04.01 Chemical Technology

  • Chemical Technology of Wood Processing

19.04.01 Biotechnology

  • Industrial Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Postgraduate programmes:

  • Biological Sciences (Biotechnology (including Bionanotechnology))
  • Chemical Technology (Technology and Machinery for Chemical Processing of Wood Biomass; Wood Chemistry)

Faculty’s departments:

• Department of Machines and Devices of Industrial Engineering;

• Department of Chemical Technology of Wood Processing and Biotechnology;

• Department of Industrial Ecology, Processes and Devices of Chemical Industries;

Scientific research areas:

Bioconversion of plant raw materials theory and technology development with producing biologically active agents (BAA): plant protection agents (which includes woody plant material), plant growth stimulants, fodder BAA and products.

Mechanisms investigation and theoretical development of effective bioconversion of renewable plant raw material and submerged cultivation of micro- and macrofungi and producing BAA, carbohydrate-protein products and complex enzyme preparations.

Theoretical development of plant raw material processing with producing BAA, decomposable biopolymers, polyphenols, sorbents and other fast moving consumer goods by using mechano-chemical activation and nanoporous materials.

• Development of polymer technology of porous plastics, including foods that have been modified by chemical and microbiological processing plant of raw materials, in order to obtain effective sorbents to extract oil from water, soil and to clean wastewater from oil, petrochemicals and heavy-metal ions.

Physics and chemistry of low-temperature sustainability of Siberian woody plants.

Hydrodynamics and diffusion in fiber suspensions pattern and fiber defibrillation through the deep chemical processing of Siberian trees biomass.

Hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer through non-adiabatic rectification with contact eddy steps.

•Complex processing of wood greens, coniferous and leafy woods of Siberia with producing BAA.

Evaluation of aerogenic pollution in Krasnoyarsk.