The staff of the faculty is comprised of highly qualified specialists: Honored coach of Russia, top-level coaches, Doctors of Education, Candidates of pedagogical sciences, Merited Master of Sport, masters of sports of international class, masters of sport of the USSR and Russia, World champions, European champions, The USSR champions and Champions of Russia in various disciplines.

By involving a large number of students, Sports club of the Reshetnev University is performing an outstanding work in the mass-sporting and recreational areas. More than 150 mass-sports events and competitions are held annually. The Faculty is the organizer of major Russian finswimming, swimming, fencing and other sports competitions. There are 30 sports sections in various directions: basketball, volleyball, boxing, freestyle wrestling, kettlebell lifting, judo, track and field athletics, football, futsal, subaquatics, swimming, chess, table tennis (ping-pong), fencing, summer and winter orienteering, skiing, beach volleyball, shooting sports, sambo, rugger, sport tourism, mountaineering and others.

The Faculty is constantly upgrading its methodology for teaching by adapting to recent developments in the Physical Education curriculum. There is a valeological laboratory, based in the Department of Theory of Physical Education and Health, students and professors are tested to receive recommendations about their health status.


 The Faculty, together with Krasnoyarsk city Sports Medicine Center, is responsible for the development of high-level sport. As a consequence, some of our staff members are enrolled in post-graduate programs and are in constant improvement of their qualifications.

The Faculty has many sports facilities:

       Classroom or object

















Sports hall №3

Tennis hall

Sports hall №1

Big sports hall

Small sports hall

Table Tennis Hall №1

Table Tennis Hall №2

Shaping hall

Skiing center

Swimming pool “Tekhnolog”, 25 meters

Gym “Kolizey”

Swimming pool, 50 meters

Sports hall

Gym hall

1st of May Park

433/1, Semafornaya str.

433/1, Semafornaya str.

18а, Yunosti str.

80, Lenina str.

80, Lenina str.

80, Lenina str.

80, Lenina str.

80, Lenina str.

7а, Leningradskaya str.

70а, Markovskogo str.

78, Lenina str.

7, Tsentralniy Dr.

7, Tsentralniy Dr.

7, Tsentralniy Dr.

7g, Tsentralniy Dr.

 The Faculty structure:

  • Department of Physical Education;
  • Department of Theory of Physical Education and Health;
  • Department of Physical Education and Health Sciences;
  • Athletic Club.

In 2015, the Reshetnev University took part in the First opened regional competition “A Higher School of Healthy Lifestyle”.