The Military Institute trains military staff for the Strategic Rocket Forces and Artillery Administration of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. The Institute consists of the Training Military Center and the Military Faculty. The Institute graduated its first students in 1965.

The Military Institute of Reshetnev University is in great favor with the Russian army. Krasnoyarsk graduates, as highly-skilled rocket specialists, are in demand in the army, especially during the current reformation of military service.

Not only is military science studied in theory, but also in military training camps. Students design and launch rockets. They complete technical service and maintain rocket complexes. They also intern in military activities of the department. The Institute’s graduates are distributed in rocket divisions situated on the territory of the Siberian Military Region. Students sign a three-year contract with the military department at the beginning of their studies at the University.

Institute departments are facilitated with the most modern models and modular equipment, armament, and vehicles. The high level of the students’ training is the result of the highly-qualified work by the Institute’s staff, officers, and warrant officers who had training in and mastered the specific technical knowledge and skills of pedagogy.

Every tenth graduate of the Institute chooses professional military service. Many achieved high ranks in the Russian army.