Director of the Institute: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor,

Maxim G. Melkozerov

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The Institute prepares competitive professionals in the field of engineering technology, mechatronics, welding technology, design and operation of refrigeration and cryogenic technology, metrology, standardization and certification.

The Institute trains specialists of the future who are capable of introducing the latest achievements of scientific and technical thought into production.


The scientific, industrial and teaching experience of the Institute´s professors and their strong connection to manufacturing processes and traditions of Reshetnev University give its students essential knowledge and practical skills for successful employment in the basic enterprises of Reshetnev University by state corporation Roscosmos and in other high-tech companies as well.

Institute structure:

  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Aircraft Welding Department
  • Technical Regulation and Metrology Department
  • Refrigeration, Cryogenic Equipment and Air Conditioning Department
  • Basic Machine Design Department.


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