In 1992, our University purchased an IL-86 aircraft from the Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. It was the start of an aviation and technical base formation at Reshetnev University. Today, the aircraft park numbers 7 aircraft and 2 helicopters.

Eighteen years ago, the University launched two new specialties “Technical Maintenance of Aircraft and Engines” and “Technical Maintenance of Aviation Electronic Systems and Aircraft Instrumentation.”

The educational process is carried out by University professors, including outstanding Russian pilots, specialists in the area of aircraft construction, graduates of our University, scientists in the area of flight navigation, and experts in aircraft construction.

The Institute provides a Master’s degree program “Analysis and Synthesis of Maintenance and Technical Characteristics of Air and Space Equipment.”

The scientific and training laboratories of the Institute provide research in the following areas: detection of aircraft conditions; systems for interactive training; mathematical modeling of aircraft functional systems; non-traditional aircraft engines; adaptable wing systems; and assessment of the reliability of aircraft construction.

Graduates of the Institute are competitive specialists who are employed in large-scale enterprises and airlines all over the country.

Additionally, the Institute trains future specialists in customs affairs. These specialists take a course on tariff and customs laws. The Institute provides a program that aims to produce graduates whose knowledge, skills, and attitudes are sufficient to comply with the requirements of the tariff and customs code of the Russian Federation and other international laws and constitutions and commence and pursue a professional career and advanced studies in the area of customs affairs.

The Institute does its best to follow international standards of education and to be leaders in the training of aviation specialists.