The Institute of Social Engineering was established in 1989. The Institute consists of the Public Relations Department, Advertising and Cultural Studies Department, History and Humanities Department, Law Department, Philosophy and Social Sciences Department, and two Departments of Foreign Languages.

The instructors of the Institute teach humanities to students of the whole university. The Institute consists of 120 instructors, including 60 doctors and candidates of science and approximately 500 students.

The Institute of Social Engineering trains specialists in advertising and public relations. In 2009, the Institute launched two Master’s degree programs: “Applied Computer Science in Design” and “Applied Computer Science in Arts and Humanities.”

In 2011, the Institute launched the bachelor’s degree program “Advertising and Public Relations.”

All students and graduates have the opportunity to get the additional qualifications of “Translator in the Professional Communication Sphere” and “Consultant in the Legal Protection of Enterprises.” Moreover, they participate in additional training programs such as “A Second Foreign Language”, “Public Speaking”, and others. In addition, the students are trained by professors from U.S. universities.

Leading experts from Krasnoyarsk, as well as professors and practitioners from Irkutsk, Saint-Petersburg, and Moscow, are involved in the educational process of the Institute.

The Institute trains postgraduates and doctoral candidates in philosophy. The Philosophy Council reviews student works, and there have been more than 200 theses defended here.

Since 2009, the Public Relations Department of the Institute has been recognized as one of the 10 best training centers in public relations and was awarded the “Silvery Archer” certificate of the Russian National Federation in the sphere of public relations. The specialty “Advertising” is accredited by the European Council for Business Education.

Over the past 20 years, the Institute has become known as the Institute of creativity and scientific work. In the Institute, there are various student sub-departments such as the Students’ Legal Laboratory, the German Language Testing Center, the Creative Laboratory, and the Laboratory for Human Research.

Students and instructors organize various municipal, regional, and All-Russia events, such as the regional round of the “Crystal Orange” All-Russia Open Student Contest of Projects, the “Youth, Society, Modern Science, Engineering and Innovations” All-Russia Scientific Student Foreign Languages Conference with International Participation, and others.

Thanks to highly-qualified instructors and expert teams, the Institute wins awards at International and All-Russia contests, as well as conferences such as the All-Russia contests in public relations (Kazan), the “PR-Sphere” (Moscow), and others.