One of the most successful joint projects of SibSAU is with State University of New-York, College in Oneonta (SUNY, Oneonta). For more than ten years it has allowed students from SibSAU to get a dual degree (SibSAU Bachelor’s Degree in Management and SUNY Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics). To earn the degree from SUNY Oneonta, SibSAU students are required to complete 122 credit hours of courses. In the case of SibSAU, the program was developed in consultation with SUNY Oneonta, so that its courses would be accepted for transfer to the maximum allowable amount, which is seventy-seven credit hours during 3 years in the home university. After transferring the maximum of seventy-seven credit hours from SibSAU to SUNY Oneonta, students must complete 45 credit hours in specified courses at SUNY Oneonta. But up to 15 credits of SUNY Oneonta coursework are usually taught at SibSAU by SUNY Oneonta faculty. Such summer courses delivered by American faculty in Krasnoyarsk give excellent experience both in the English language proficiency and special knowledge about American peculiarities of Business courses to SibSAU students. They also attract foreign students from partner universities from the Czech Republic, Hungary etc.

One more joint project was developed by SibSAU in collaboration with Dickinson State University (DSU), the USA. Two universities have agreed upon the Articulation and Implementation Agreement to outline the terms regarding the administration and implementation of the “Dual-Degree Joint” (DDJ) Program. The DDJ Program includes two plans: “2+1+1” Plan which allows SibSAU students who have completed their sophomore year to study at DSU during their junior year; and “3+1” Plan which allows SibSAU students who have completed their junior year to study at DSU during their senior year.

Under the Dual Degree Joint (DDJ program), students are to follow and meet the established educational requirements of both institutions. Based on the fundamental premise of recognizing and accepting academic course credit between DSU and SibSAU, the DDJ program will enable Russian students from SibSAU to obtain bachelor’s degrees from both DSU and SibSAU upon successful completion of the DDJ program described herein. Recognizing transfer credits earned at DSU, SibSAU issues DDJ Program students a Bachelor’s degree after they return to Russia and complete the remaining required coursework as determined by SibSAU. DSU confers the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after the student completes the DDJ program requirements including successful completion of all required DSU credits and the equivalent of 128 U.S. credits (including acceptable transfer credits from SibSAU), returning to Russia within one month of the DDJ program’s end date, and successfully completing all SibSAU’s degree requirements. DSU does not award the degree until SibSAU sends written confirmation that the student has completed his/her studies and has been granted a Russian Bachelor’s degree.

Dual Degree Programs facilitate and stimulate the growth of student mobility. They imply automatic recognition of credits earned by students during their study abroad period, help to avoid complications of translating grading schemes, explaining transcripts. Thus, these dual degree programs truly facilitate academic mobility.

Now SibSAU is planning to increase the share of foreign students as well as the number of students of SibSAU going to study abroad. One more joint program is being currently developed with International Business School, Hungary. It will allow SibSAU students to get Oxford Brookes University Bachelor’s Degree.

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