On March 30 Reshetnev University held a Welcome Day for prospective students.

Over 1000 prospective students and their parents visited the University on this day.

The program for the Welcome Day included various quests, contests and practical workshops, as well as information sessions on training programs offered by each institute and faculty.

Members of the International Students Club prepaired a cross-cultural quiz and taught all guests how to write in Chinese characters.

In addition to this, they told about the activities the International Students Club is involved in and what benefits await all prospective students upon being enrolled to Reshetnev University.
At last, all participants were given gifts with Reshetnev University logo.

If you would also like to study at Reshetnev University, we will gladly answer all your burning questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are pleased to let you know that the International Graduate Summer School in Aeronautics and Astronautics 2019 (IGSS) will be held at Beihang University from July 3-9, 2019.
About IGSS:
The program serves as a platform for the world’s best young scholars to discuss some of the most cutting edge topics in aerospace-related fields at Beihang. Seminars, workshops, lectures, as well as cultural activities will be organized to give each participant a rewarding experience in Beijing.
In order to promote student mobility and further strengthen our partnership, Beihang will waive tuition fees and cover local expenses including accommodation and food for students from our partner universities who are admitted to the program.
Applicants should send the attached application form directly to the organizing committee ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) before May 6.

 The Summer School will be held 8-14 July at the School of Informatics, Communications and Media in Hagenberg, Austria.

This Summer School gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge and at the same time explore Upper Austria, meet new people, and expand your network internationally. You can earn 4 ECTS for this summer school.

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is inviting Master's and PhD students with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Media Informatics and related fields to join them for this international event! 
Students from partner institutions are free of charge!

The topics covered are

Collaborative Media

  • Introduction into CSCW
  • Shareable Dynamic Media

Co-located Collaborations

  • Tabletops&Co in Architecture
  • Human-Robot Interaction

Mediated Collaboration

  • From Tabletop to Multi-Tablet & Hybrid Collaboration
  • Collaboration in Mixed Reality

Security Block

  • Social Engineering - Hacking the Human
  • Internet of (insecure) Things
  • Quantum Computing
  • Security Impact of Deep Learning in Video Surveillance Applications


All students have to bear the costs for housing and travelling costs, lunches are not included. A few scholarships for non-Euorpean students are available!

For application please write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -you will then receive a registration link. Application deadline is April 30.

 In addition to lectures, workshops and laboratory tutorials, this programme will include site visits and two days filled with social and cultural activities (no extra costs!).

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is looking forward to receiving your applications!


It is not a secret that if you ask any student what kind of food for him will be the cheapest, nourishing and tasty, everyone will answer, “Doshirak” noodles. 1 packet may well replace a full meal (and not only for students). Boiling instant noodles while on trains is a whole ritual that more than one generation of Russians observes.

Many people accuse Doshirak of being harmful for health and causing indigestion and bowel troubles. So we offer to figure out whether or not they have adverse effects. Reshetnev University Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry and Engineering of Organic Matter Department by the Faculty of Chemical Technology Elena Semichenko helped us to do this.

Firstly, let´s take a glance at the typical ingredients. It has wheat flour (the same as at home), salt, starch, palm oil (it's not very healthy because of saturated fats, as they contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, even though does not bring harm to a healthy body). Sodium carbonate-baking soda and sodium Polyphosphate are used to regulate acidity.

“The white wheat flour that makes up the noodles does not have many benefits. The fact is that flour consists of grains, which contain the germ and the shell (in its most simplified form). During the grain processing the amount of fiber and vitamins decreases. In most cases it is better to eat whole-grain flour,” said Elena Semichenko.

Besides water, starch, salt and palm oil, the stock contains potassium sorbate (potassium salt of sorbic acid, sodium benzoate). Sorbic and benzoic acids are natural compounds found in berries. Both acids are preservatives and are added to food.

It also contains monosodium glutamate, which is covered by terrible legends. But this is the sodium salt of the amino acid, the amount of which is more in any steak than in Doshirak.

Another frightening substance is maltodextrin. This substance is derived from corn starch. It is widely used for cooking foods for children and diet.

“There is medicine in the spoon, but poison - in the cup,” said Elena Semichenko. “In the quantities in which various substances are contained in noodles, they do not harm the body. However, it is impossible to constantly eat only 'Doshirak', because there is not enough protein and fat in it. Food should be varied. It is important to eat more vegetables, fruit, meat, especially beef and pork.”

“Doshirak instant noodles are certified products allowed for sale and consumption in Russia. It passed the test that meant it can be used. You definitely won't be poisoned if you use noodles in a reasonable amount,” summarized Elena Semichenko.


On February 8 Reshetnev University senior officers met with Hokkaido University Coordinator of Research Activity Yuuki Komata.


Reshetnev University Vice-Rector for Development Rashit Nazirov presented the university at the welcome speech and told to attendants about the university´s history and establishment, as well as its infrastructure, labs and research centers. “Our students have the opportunity to get not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience,” added Mr. Nazirov.

Hokkaido University Coordinator of Research Activity Yuuki Komata, in his turn, gave a short presentation about the university he works in. He noted that for both Hokkaido University and Reshetnev University, high technologies and forestry are particularly important. He also said that they pay attention to the aerospace field. “We are proud of the first Japan astronaut Mamoru Mohri as he was a graduate of our university,” – said Mr. Komata.


During the meeting Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments have presented areas of their research activity. The universities representatives emphasized that they would like to set up cooperation in order to encourage staff and students exchange, trainings, and joint research projects.

Above all, the representative of the Computer Science and Telecommunications Institute invited Mr. Komata to see the laboratory of A.N. Anatomoshkin Siberian Institute of Applied System Analysis, which is a part of Reshetnev University.


Students of Reshetnev University Aerospace College opened a time capsule from 1978 and buried a new one, which will be opened in 2044, when the College will celebrate its centennial anniversary.

The time capsule opening ceremony began with national anthem performance and the flag carrying. The Acting Rector of Reshetnev University Edkham Akbulatov performed with his welcome speech, noting that this day the history came to life. He told students about the College history that began in 1944. He wished the students to use their opportunities and find chances for development in Krasnoyarsk region and beyond. "Digital economy, robotic systems and high technologies are waiting for you in the future. You will become great professionals," concluded Acting Rector.


Aerospace College Deputy Director for Education and Production Viktor N. Leonenko said that despite the fact that it took years, he still remembers the feelings he experienced hiding his message in 1978.

The first-year student Vasilii Materniak was very proud in 1978 that he finished Krasnoyarsk Mechanical College, because those days it was one of the best places for study. Nowadays he is professor of the college.


President of the College Student Council Ksenia Sabadina got the right to read a message from 1978 left by the students. The letter from the past assured that in 2018 intergalactic travel will become possible. “We are a little envious of you, you celebrate the 100th anniversary of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, but we know that you are also envious of us. We have a clear purpose, great future, a lot of things to do. We know where to make our brain function, where to use heart, hands and energy. This is our happiness”, - wrote the students. They promised to love their college, city, region and the whole country, working for their prosperity. "And you, our distant descendants, when you look back, you will realize that the light you see, screwing your eyes in astonishment is the coming through the darkness shining of the epoch, the epoch which we create,” - tells the message.

The letter now is in the museum of Aerospace College.

"History of the College saw the “war time” of the 1940s, “space time” of the 60s, and “innovation time” of the 2000s. So, today we touched History one more time,» - addressed to attendants the Aerospace College Director Elena Kustova. She also told the students that she was a student of the University in 1978 and the message has awakened her feelings.


The same day, students and staff laid a new time capsule to be opened in 2044, when the College will celebrate its centennial anniversary. “We live and study in an interesting time these days. In March of 2019 Krasnoyarsk will become the host city of the World University Winter Sport the first in Russia, the Reshetnev University students will participate and volunteer.”- wrote the current students for future generations. “We believe that in 20 years our nation will create a cure for all diseases, raise the flag of Russia on other planets, make a lot of discoveries and will not allow any events to harm our great people.” – says the message. Students instructed young people of the 2040s to create and invent something every day, to make friends, love and look for their place in the world.

Professor of the College Aleksandr Gurianov even wrote a poem on the occasion of laying a new capsule.

At the end of the ceremony, the best College students Aleksandr Ragozin and Eva Grigorieva together with professors buried a time capsule for the students of 2044.



Dear colleagues! Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology 

on the 21th-22th March 2019 arranges

IX International Research and Practical Conference



We invite organizations and institutes specialists and scientists, teachers, research scientists, post-degree students and students of higher educational institutes to participate in the “Logistic Systems in Global Economics” conference.


If you want participate in the conference,

you must register on the website



For conference participants information:

  1. 1.Working languages of the conference are: Russian and English.
  2. 2.The publication of the paper is free. The source book of the conference is included in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) data base and will be available only in the electronic form. The electronic version of the source book will be sited on the web-page of the electronic library Elibrary.ru and official web-site conference.
  3. 3.Both in-person and virtual participation are possible. In case of in-person participation, transportation, accommodation and food for the conference participants are at the expense of sending part. The organizing committee will contribute to accommodation in hotels of the city (we ask to make a request before 17st of March 2019).
  4. 4.The cultural program is planned for the conference participants.


Executive secretary of the conference:

Giltc Nadezhda Evgenevna

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " target="_blank" rel=" noopener noreferrer"> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We would like to invite scientist, specialists of enterprises and organizations,

university instructors, researchers, post-graduate students and university students

for participation in the conference

“Human Resource Management as a Basis for the Development of Innovative Economics”.

Please refer to the Information letter to learn more.


On July 27, 2018 three undergraduate students of Institute of Engineering and Economics and Institute of Social Engineering returned from Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin, China), where they were participating in the Summer School International Program.


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The fall event called Foreign language week is becoming traditional. Every year the event is organized for International Translation Day (October 30) and World’s Teacher’s day (October 5). The event has finished by October 5 with announcing the results at the concert. This year Foreign language week referred also to the XXIX Winter Universiade.

The event was organized together with the Foreign Technical Language Department jointly and Foreign Business Language Department in order to increase student’s interest in exploring foreign languages and developing their creative skills.

nedelja2018 1

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Reshetnev University undergraduate students returned from Beihang University on August 5 2018 where they were staying during one month participating in the fifth International Summer School. The school was held from July 7 to August 3. This year, about 200 overseas students gathered in Beihang, and began a four-week study and life experience.



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