The project will be developed at the university’s Satellite Information reception and processing centre. This was discussed at a meeting with the rector of Reshetnev University E.S. Akbulatov, first Vice-chancellor V.A. Kureshov, projector of scientific and innovative activity Y.Y. Loginov, director of the Forest Technology Institute S.V. Verhovca, director of the Institute of Space Research and High Technologies A.A. Kuznetsov, other directors.

The aim of the Centre will be, among other things, to solve the problem of rapid supply of information for forest fire management and forecasting of the situation. At present, according to the project proponents, all structures involved in the problem limit their activities to monitoring functions only.


The current situation of forest fire monitoring in the country and the region was described by the director of the Scientific and Technical Centre Space Solutions A.N. Borisevich. Among the main technological and strategic shortcomings he attributed to the obsolete, insufficiently implemented in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation federal systems for monitoring forest fires - «RMIS Rosselkhoz» and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; the difficulty of mapping the burning edges and providing information to rangers on aerial patrols, restrictions on the use of aircraft and drones; the lack of a unified service, which allows to carry out round-the-clock monitoring and rapid information for specialists in the forest; lack of specialists and specialized software.


The initiators of the project propose to establish a Remote Sensing Land Data Center (ERS) on the basis of Reshetnev University, using the equipment and computing facilities available here. Once the satellite reception facility has been upgraded, it is planned to deploy an online satellite interpretation facility, Creation of spatial databases and creation of final information products and their transfer for the needs of the local minefield, as well as for information support of the country’s «Arctic Forest Fire Centre».  


As noted by Rector E.S. Akbulatov, the establishment of the monitoring center is linked to the activities of the university in the development of a small space vehicle, the development of a mission control center and the monitoring of forest areas. The development of the center should be linked to the educational activities of the two institutions, IFT and SEC ISRHT.


E.S. Akbulatov, rector of Reshetnev University: "I support the establishment of such a center. The world is global, we’re going to have remote sensing information on everyone’s phone soon, but you have to be able to use it! It is important to articulate the range of tasks under which we will work. In terms of digital practices in forestry practices, this needs to be universal and skilled. There is a need to change educational programmes, for example, the number of hours associated with remote sensing will have to be increased if students are to organize practical work and project education on the basis of this center, but all this is feasible within the scope of the tasks."

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 Robot engineering today is one of the most popular directions of technical art of the Youth Center of innovative technologies «Energy» of the University of Reshetnev. Why robots are so interesting to modern youth, what robots are in the trend today, and how to make a reality out of dreams - in the comments of enthusiastic students.

Leonid Savchenko, 22 age, a student of the 4th course of mechatronics and robotics of the University of Reshetnev, a tutor of scientific projects and an engineer of YCIT (Youth Center of Information Technologies) «Energy».


That’s what you want to do!

- Leonid, why the interest in design?

- Both at school and at work I do technical creativity, that is, I design various constructions, devices and robots, and then I implement them. And it’s incredibly interesting! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to make all kinds of devices and robots from my favorite movies. Since I was 6 years old, I started to connect the wiring and, of course, design the Legos. Having become a little older I watched such programs as «Mythbusters», «Galileo» and others on the channel Discovery. In the sixth grade, there was a robotics club, which I immediately signed up for, and we started going to technical competitions, which were all kinds of exhibitions, grants, even then we went to cities in Russia and we won these grants. Then I entered Reshetnev University, purposefully on «mechatronics and robotics». In the second year I got a job on one of the local TV channels, in the mornings I led a scientific column «Mythbusters». It was almost what you want to do. Also, since I was 19 years old, I started working as a robotics teacher in various schools and clubs. Now I am a tutor of scientific projects in YCIT «Energia», we construct everything you can imagine.

- You’re building a robot out of star warriors, how did the graduate officers feel about that choice?

Two years ago, when the idea was formulated, I was a little worried that the board wouldn’t approve of what I wanted to do, and there were reasons for that, because my robot is not exactly a standard industrial manipulator. But for my course of study, that is the main topic of the diploma. However, my thesis executives were very good at this and supported the desire to do something with their own hands.


- What problems have you encountered in developing and implementing a robot?

- The difficulties can be divided into two categories: difficulties near the project, it is my fear and worry that they will not take the job and that there will be inaccurate data. And the problems and the difficulties in design and design are, of course, the lack of resources at an early stage, when I had a 3-dimensional model ready. Working it out in a particular program, I didn’t get a chance to print it all.

- Does not YCIT «Energy» provide resources?

- YCIT solved all my problems. First I made a model, and then I got into YCIT, where I got a job.

- Do you have a professional purpose in life, what you want to be?

- There is a studio in Los Angeles on visual sects «Industrial light and magic», this studio has made special effects for Starwarrior, Lord of the rings, Transformers, Harry Potter etc. I want to work on special effects!

Daniel Phil, 21 age, a student of the 3rd IEM course of the University of Reshetnev, a student of Leonid Savchenko, designs underwater drone «Skat». The motto is «Main wish».

The «Skat» must be examined!


Daniel, what are your technical interests?

- I prototype and construct, at the moment I work on project «Skat». I study at Reshetnev University in mechatronics and robotics. For me, this is an opportunity for creativity. When I was 12 years old, I started working on lathe machines, I made my first plane, but he didn’t fly himself, but still. There was always a urge to do it!


Was there a problem in designing the stingray?

- First, the skate must swim, that is, it must be hydrodynamic, light, second, it must swim on the surface, as well as dive without problems and the last, is the connection with the skate, underwater completely inappropriate conditions for radio communication. But these are just the first steps, and all the problems lie ahead.

How deep will the slope go?

- The plans are to dive to a working depth of 5 meters minimum.

Do you wish to conquer the Mariana Trench?

- No, I’m planning on doing just research. My dream is to become a great designer.

Because we’re a team!


Today, robotics is not just about designing robots, it is a separate art form and is very popular among young people. Working as a team, under the leadership of Leonid Savchenko, students of the Youth Innovation Center construct everything that can be imagined and realize the dream of reality.

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In Siberia Federal University and Reshetev University, WWF multimedia classes were opened. They will not only provide quality classes for environmental students, but will also serve as a platform for dialogue among all parties and the involvement of the indigenous peoples of the North in the conservation of Arctic nature, WWF website reports.

Each class has the most modern equipment: large screens, a system for videoconferencing and online events, a fast Internet and even virtual reality glasses. And on the walls there is a map of specially protected natural territories of Russia and black and white symbol WWF as the idea inspirer of the project.


We see that for today’s youth environmental problems are increasingly interesting and topical, current students are ready and already actively involved in the solution of nature conservation issues, says Irina Onuphrenia, Director of the WWF Biodiversity Conservation Program of Russia. The WWF is committed to supporting these endeavours by providing new opportunities for communication, learning and development. This is especially true for the indigenous peoples of the North, whose experience and knowledge we rely heavily on in our work». The universities of Krasnoyarsk territory are chosen not by chance - here is the office of Altai-Sayan branch, and for WWF it is one of the priority Arctic regions. Currently, work is being carried out in several areas: development and support of a network of specially protected natural areas, monitoring and preservation of the Taimyr wild reindeer population, and helping indigenous communities to adapt to climate change.


Moreover, right now on the basis of the SFU and the SibGU within the framework of the national project «Science» and with the active participation of the WWF of Russia, the first climate science and education centre in the country is formed, - Sergey Verkhovets, Expert of the WWF of Russia, says. - It is Taimyr, which is experiencing the greatest climate change in comparison with other regions, that becomes the place where business, regional and scientific interests meet constructively. Here the leading specialists of the country will be able to seek a solution of ecological problems not only on the nationwide scale, but also on specific territories of Central Siberia».


The classes are equipped within the framework of the WWF project of Russia "Protected Arctic" with the support of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) supports the Initiative on the basis of a decision by the German Government.


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Kraken's Trap received first place at the All-Russian Underwater Robotics MATEROV Competition in the Explorer class, which took place on 7-8 May 2021 in Vladivostok. 

The team consists of first-year and second-year students of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics of the University of Reshetev.

Under the leadership of Polyakova A.S., the head of the student design bureau «Cognitive robotics» Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, and Puryaev D.V., teacher of additional education head of robotics laboratory, the team was designed an underwater robot capable of performing many tasks has been assembled and programmed.

The robot has a unique construction, a rotatable chamber, and a minimum of hydrodynamic resistance. Most of the parts were produced independently, using a 3D printer and a CNC milling machine.
The technical documentation submitted by the TNPA team (a telecontrolled, uninhabited underwater vehicle) prepared by the team members for the competition was given the highest score by the panel of judges. Thanks to excellent performances at the practical stage of the championship, the team achieved high results, which allowed it to take first place, having behind its back high rankings and unquestionable leadership.

Overall, along with teams in other nominations for schoolchildren and students, the team finished 2nd.

We congratulate the team members and their mentors, wish them new success!

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The Consul General of France in Ekaterinburg, Mr. Pierre-Alain Coffinier, visited Reshetnev University. The visit took place within the framework of his working trip to Krasnoyarsk, which is taking place in order to expand international relations. The program of the visit included a meeting with the rector and representatives of the university, as well as an excursion to the Training and demonstration center of rocket and space technology.


Rector of the University Edkham Sh. Akbulatov, getting acquainted with the French guest, noted that the meeting takes place against the background of a significant date for the Russians: the 60th anniversary of the human flight into space. This event is also important for France, the world's third largest space power. Edkham Sh. Akbulatov spoke about the university's humanitarian ties with the French Republic, many of which lie in the field of space research. Reshetnev University, in particular, was among the participants of the international student competition for launching CanSat probes, organized by the French Space Agency. The competition was held in Toulouse and Biscarossa.

Consul of_France

Edkham Sh. Akbulatov presented to Mr. Coffinier a number of relevant projects of the university, which could later form the basis for joint work within the framework of international cooperation. They discussed a project to create a small spacecraft by students, the launch of which is scheduled for November 2021, as well as participation in the regional scientific and educational center of climate orientation.

At the end of the meeting rector presented the French Consul General with a rocket mock-up, the symbol of Reshetnev University, as a souvenir. In the 70s such rockets were used to launch satellites manufactured in Krasnoyarsk into orbit.



Ilya Skorobogatov was at school when he started repairing broken mobile phones. This brought a small income, but most importantly, it satisfied a huge curiosity about how all these smart computers are arranged, completely erasing any distances. The big world opened up with a single click. Especially this hobby was enjoyed by relatives, Ilya repaired everything for them for free! When entering the university, Ilya chose, of course, computer science exam. In the summer of 2017, there was a decent competition for applicants, Ilya had enough points, and he got to the direction where he is now studying – Automated Information Processing and Management Systems.

Ilya Skorobogatov, 4th year student, project manager of "My Reshetnev University (Мой СибГУ)": Automation of business processes-for an advanced solution in all areas of activity, whether it is medicine, or production at a factory, even art-today everything is translated into digital format. This saves a huge amount of time and eliminates any inaccuracies that may occur when doing this work manually. So the whole world goes into digital. Given that today it is still a long row to hoe, and we are still only at the very beginning, I think that in the next 10-15 years my profession will be the most demanded.


The mobile application "My Reshetnev University(Мой СибГУ)" was the first serious project for Ilya and his team. They came up with the idea a year ago. A group of three students, classmates, close friends, students of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications came to Ilya as the chairman of the student council with their idea. They already had some groundworks and they said: Let's try to do something!

The ideologist of the project is Nikita Khramushin, who suggested creating a mobile application that is useful for the life of a student of a particular university. Nikita, according to those who know him, is simply obsessed with programming. In the project he is responsible for the visual component. For reference-there are two directions in programming: the so-called frontend and backend. The front end is what users see, where, in fact ,they "click on the buttons", the back end is everything related to databases and information storage. Nikita is responsible for the front end on Android operating system.

Another member of the team is Artem Rylov, who is responsible for the visual component on the Apple operating system (iOS).

Anton Abramov is the main back end developer of the project. Recently, Anton invited Kirill Mil to join the team. Kirill is a student at the Institute of Space Technology. The magnificent five!


According to Ilya, who performs an administrative role in the project, all the guys from his team are united by a certain all-consuming love for programming, for them it is both a craft, and a professional chance for a successful career, and a hobby-all together! They spend all their free time on it, they live on it. When the team worked on the product, they worked 12-16 hours a day, seven days a week. They just got their heart set on with the idea.


Ilya Skorobogatov, 4th year student, administrator of the project "My Reshetnev University": Given that we are a technical university, we absolutely must have a self-developed mobile application. We began to discuss what specific potential can be realized, what else can be in this application, what is important and what it needs. - We made some blueprints and implemented them. There was a news feed that was filled exclusively by the heads of various student associations about events that were coming or happening, everything related to student government; there was a schedule, a map of all buildings with redirection to the navigator; there was information on all our institutes, including the directorate, contacts of departments and contacts of student councils. When there was a more or less understandable product, we released it digital distribution services, gained an audience of fifteen hundred people.

I came to a meeting with the rector, presented this product, and said that we want to expand, but we need administrative support. E. Sh. Akbulatov(Rector of Reshetnev University) supported our idea, asked us to put it together conceptually, so that it would be clear what exactly we want to get as a result. For two months we have been developing a project and preparing a presentation. And we showed all this to the rector again, and he appointed responsible curators to help us.

As part of the working visit to Reshetnev University, the Consul of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic Turgunbek O. Doronbekov met with the Rector of Reshetnev University Edkham Sh. Akbulatov. The meeting was attended by the First Vice-Rector Vladimir. A. Kureshov, Head of the International Cooperation Department Ekaterina.V. Fibikh.

The prospects of cooperation at the level of joint events in the cultural and humanitarian sphere were discussed, and special attention was paid to the development of bilateral strategic partnership with universities of the Kyrgyz Republic, admission and training of Kyrgyz students at Reshetnev University.

Turgunbek A. Doronbekov, the Consul of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Krasnoyarsk:

"Russian education in the Kyrgyz Republic is highly valued, this is confirmed by the large number of our students studying in Russia, and every year the number of those who want to study in the Russian Federation increases! People who return to their homeland after graduating from Russian universities find jobs easily. We are particularly interested in developing cooperation with Reshetnev University, because it is one of the best universities that train engineering specialists. The guys who returned home after receiving their diplomas from Reshetnev University found a very good job in Kyrgyzstan!"

Today, 44 Kyrgyz students study at Reshetnev University, but this figure, according to Rector Edkham Sh. Akbulatov, should be much higher.

Edkham Sh. Akbulatov, Rector of Reshetnev University:

"I note that students from the Kyrgyz Republic take a responsible approach to the educational process, the percentage of their deductions is very low, and we are ready to expand cooperation. 44 students is not the limit for our university, we could focus on the figure of 100 students. In this regard, we would like to discuss the practice of expanding career guidance in the regions of Kyrgyzstan, where there is an attraction to Russian education. We are looking for an opportunity to reach general education institutions, graduates of schools where they study Russian."
According to the rector, this can be done by holding and participating in various specialized forums, joint cultural and educational events. In particular, Edkham Sh. Akbulatov mentioned that 2021 is the anniversary year. It is 60th anniversary of the first human space flight, and invited guests of Krasnoyarsk from the Kyrgyzstan, including official delegations, to visit the university in order to inspect the unique expositions and scientific laboratories related to space research.

Ekaterina V. Fibikh, Head of the International Cooperation Department recalled that Reshetnev University is actively developing mutually beneficial relations with educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, and there are promising developments.

Ekaterina V. Fibikh, Head of the International Cooperation Department at Reshetnev University: "We have, for example, such a landmark event as the "Week of PR and Advertising on the Yenisei (Yarpiar)". Since 2016 this event has been actively attended by two delegations from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and the Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn. The delegations include both teachers and students. Now we are working with these universities on the issue of network training, bilateral exchange of teachers and students. Agreements are in the development stage. Our University is a member of the Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities. And in this regard, there are also prospects for expanding cooperation. There is a question of developing a joint educational program."

Also among the current topics of the conversation were the issues of the  possibility of returning students to Russia to their place of study, admission of Kyrgyz applicants within the quota for training, the creation of joint youth public organizations.

This  was the first introductory meeting of the Consul of the Embassy with the  executives of Reshetnev University. Both parties are eager to continue  their cooperation.

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According to the rector, this can be done by holding and participating in various specialized forums, joint cultural and educational events. In particular, Edkham Sh. Akbulatov mentioned that 2021 is the anniversary year, it is 60th anniversary of the first human space flight, and invited guests of Krasnoyarsk from the Kyrgyzstan, including official delegations, to visit the university in order to inspect the unique expositions and scientific laboratories related to space research.

Ekaterina V. Fibikh, Head of the International Cooperation Department recalled that Reshetnev University is actively developing mutually beneficial relations with educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, and there are promising developments.

Within the framework of the working visit to Reshetnev University the Consul General Davlatkhoja Yatim met with the Rector of the University Edkham Sh. Akbulatov. The meeting was attended by the Head of the International Cooperation Department of Reshetnev University Ekaterina. V. Fibikh, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Krasnoyarsk A. A. Zakharov, member of the Krasnoyarsk local public organization of the Tajik national-cultural autonomy "VATAN" A. Kh. Saidamirov.

During the conversation Consul General and Rector discussed many topics, including the prospects for cooperation at the level of joint measures to prevent terrorism and extremism.

The meeting was focused on the issues of admission and training of Tajik students at Reshetnev University. Today 255 students from the Republic of Tajikistan study at Reshetnev University. Students from Tajikistan study in all 10 institutes of the university. Most of them study at the Institute of Forest Engineering – about 80 people, and at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications -more than 50 people.

Edham Sh. Akbulatov, Rector of Reshetnev University: "Currently, the university has a development program, the purpose of which is to significantly improve the quality of research and educational activities. We set ourselves the task of strengthening the selection system based on a competitive examination, increasing the average score of the Unified State Exam. All of this is connected with the current requirements to improve the quality of educational services. We strive to reach a new level of quality of training of qualified specialists. In this regard, we are currently working on modernizing our educational programs - first of all, the master's degree program, and in the future this will affect other degree programs. The goal is to increase the status of the university against the background of other universities in the Russian Federation."

Reshetnev University today strives to enter the top areas in the development of science and technology – cyberphysical systems, artificial intelligence, communication and remote sensing systems, robotic systems and complexes, low-orbit spacecraft, as well as smart materials. Another serious area is ecology - that is, what is associated with the natural organic background of our planet – forests and other landscape areas that play a significant role in the global natural balance. Given the increasing complexity of educational programs, the university is waiting for serious training activity from foreign applicants. In this regard, the Rector noted that the university is committed to the effective development of cooperation in the educational sphere with the Republic of Tajikistan.

Davlatkhoja Yatim, Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan in Novosibirsk, Russia: "Indeed, the areas that were announced today are important for the development of the economics of the Republic. I would like to organize a visit, and if the current situation does not allow this, then organize a number of online meetings of representatives of your university in schools in Tajikistan. We are interested in training of qualified specialists. The topic of ecology is particularly relevant – this is a big problem for Tajikistan, given the situation with melting glaciers. Now we really do not have human resources capable of doing this direction."

Also among the current topics of the conversation were the issues of the possibility of returning students to Russia to their place of study. More than 90 first-year students were unable to start full-time education due to closed borders. Reshetnev University organized distance learning for this students.

This was the first introductory meeting of the Consul General with the executives of Reshetnev University. Both parties are eager to continue their cooperation.

 Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan presents as a gift to the Reshetnev University the work of Tajik masters.

On behalf of the Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology we are delighted to congratulate all our Chinese and other asian nations friend on the Lunar New Year holiday!

It’s a nice time for family reunions, new beginnings, and new potential for a happy year to come. May this New Year be filled with happiness, prosperity, and many precious moments with your families and loved ones.

It’s the year of the Ox - which in Chinese culture signifies movement and change. May the year of the ox bring you new hope, new resolution, new spirit, and new you.

We wish you the best of luck for the upcoming year’s prosperity and fortune. May you always have the courage to face life’s hardship and scare away any misfortune!

Happy Chinese New Year 2021

International Cooperation Department

"Siberian Space Design School – 2021" was implemented for the first time at Reshetnev University. The school was open from January 28 to February 6.

It was devoted to the design, manufacture and operation of small CubeSat-class spacecraft. Students and employees of Reshetnev University, Kuzbass State Technical University and employees of JSC «ISS – Reshetnev Company»" were among the participants.

Reshetnev University teachers gave lectures and conducted practical classes on the conceptual design of the spacecraft, on the basics of orbital motion, on the current state of the rocket and space industry, on the applications of small spacecraft, on the calculation of the main technical parameters and the choice of characteristics of satellite systems.  

Students were divided into project groups under the supervision of teachers and during the school developed and successfully defended advanced projects of space systems based on CubeSat class satellites on the following topics: development of a space telescope for star photometry, system for providing information services Internet-of-Things/Machine-2-Machine in the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation, a system for operational monitoring of the ice situation of the Northern Sea Route.

Participants of the school will receive a document on professional development.

The corresponding document was signed by Rector of Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology Edkham Sh. Akbulatov.


Read below what measures should be followed when visiting the university.

According to the order, the university resumes the implementation of educational programs of higher education in full-time format. At the same time, all necessary measures provided for by the methodological recommendations approved by the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation on July 29, 2020 should be taken to prevent COVID-19:

  • All people on the territory of the university must wear masks.
  • Persons with signs of infectious diseases are not allowed to enter the university buildings.
  • All checkpoints are equipped with dispensers with antiseptics for hand treatment.
  • All classrooms, halls, toilets and other public areas, must be provided for compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, dispensers with antiseptics are installed.
  • All rooms of the university must be provided with strict compliance with the ventilation regime, regular disinfection, including disinfection of the air and surfaces .
  • It will be possible to conduct separate training sessions in IT-based educational environment in agreement with the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, including in order to ensure self-isolation of contact persons and for foreign students who cannot leave.

For more detailed information, please follow the link: