The fall event called Foreign language week is becoming traditional. Every year the event is organized for International Translation Day (October 30) and World’s Teacher’s day (October 5). The event has finished by October 5 with announcing the results at the concert. This year Foreign language week referred also to the XXIX Winter Universiade.

The event was organized together with the Foreign Technical Language Department jointly and Foreign Business Language Department in order to increase student’s interest in exploring foreign languages and developing their creative skills.

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Foreign language week started on October 2nd with the Linguistic Quest in foreign languages.

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By the end of each competition in two nominations: “Students of high schools and colleges” and “Students of Higher Educational Institutions” were presented the lists of the winners. 

The Translation day took place on October 3rd. The event offered the opportunity for everyone to take part in its exciting competitions. There were 30 participants different faculties and also 4 participants of (МБОУ СШ №64 (the school name in Russian), 4 participants of Aerospace College of Reshetnev University.

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According to the results of the completion 11 certificates were distributed to the winners.


The traditional British team game Pub Quiz devoted to traditions, customs and culture of the English speaking countries, also took place on October 3rd.


Foreign language week provided an opportunity for Reshetnev University students to show their skills in various fields of creative activities. The winners of the Wall Newspapers Competition, devoted to XXIX Winter Universiade, were also awarded for original art concepts.

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The traditional Round Table was also held during Foreign language week and concerned volunteer programs for the XXIX Winter Universiade.

This event is orginized annually and next year we are waiting for the new participants! Ogromnoe spasibo! Thank you very much! Vielen dank! Merci beaucoup! for all the participants, congratulations to the winners and best wishes!

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