Students of Reshetnev University Aerospace College opened a time capsule from 1978 and buried a new one, which will be opened in 2044, when the College will celebrate its centennial anniversary.

The time capsule opening ceremony began with national anthem performance and the flag carrying. The Acting Rector of Reshetnev University Edkham Akbulatov performed with his welcome speech, noting that this day the history came to life. He told students about the College history that began in 1944. He wished the students to use their opportunities and find chances for development in Krasnoyarsk region and beyond. "Digital economy, robotic systems and high technologies are waiting for you in the future. You will become great professionals," concluded Acting Rector.


Aerospace College Deputy Director for Education and Production Viktor N. Leonenko said that despite the fact that it took years, he still remembers the feelings he experienced hiding his message in 1978.

The first-year student Vasilii Materniak was very proud in 1978 that he finished Krasnoyarsk Mechanical College, because those days it was one of the best places for study. Nowadays he is professor of the college.


President of the College Student Council Ksenia Sabadina got the right to read a message from 1978 left by the students. The letter from the past assured that in 2018 intergalactic travel will become possible. “We are a little envious of you, you celebrate the 100th anniversary of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, but we know that you are also envious of us. We have a clear purpose, great future, a lot of things to do. We know where to make our brain function, where to use heart, hands and energy. This is our happiness”, - wrote the students. They promised to love their college, city, region and the whole country, working for their prosperity. "And you, our distant descendants, when you look back, you will realize that the light you see, screwing your eyes in astonishment is the coming through the darkness shining of the epoch, the epoch which we create,” - tells the message.

The letter now is in the museum of Aerospace College.

"History of the College saw the “war time” of the 1940s, “space time” of the 60s, and “innovation time” of the 2000s. So, today we touched History one more time,» - addressed to attendants the Aerospace College Director Elena Kustova. She also told the students that she was a student of the University in 1978 and the message has awakened her feelings.


The same day, students and staff laid a new time capsule to be opened in 2044, when the College will celebrate its centennial anniversary. “We live and study in an interesting time these days. In March of 2019 Krasnoyarsk will become the host city of the World University Winter Sport the first in Russia, the Reshetnev University students will participate and volunteer.”- wrote the current students for future generations. “We believe that in 20 years our nation will create a cure for all diseases, raise the flag of Russia on other planets, make a lot of discoveries and will not allow any events to harm our great people.” – says the message. Students instructed young people of the 2040s to create and invent something every day, to make friends, love and look for their place in the world.

Professor of the College Aleksandr Gurianov even wrote a poem on the occasion of laying a new capsule.

At the end of the ceremony, the best College students Aleksandr Ragozin and Eva Grigorieva together with professors buried a time capsule for the students of 2044.