It is not a secret that if you ask any student what kind of food for him will be the cheapest, nourishing and tasty, everyone will answer, “Doshirak” noodles. 1 packet may well replace a full meal (and not only for students). Boiling instant noodles while on trains is a whole ritual that more than one generation of Russians observes.

Many people accuse Doshirak of being harmful for health and causing indigestion and bowel troubles. So we offer to figure out whether or not they have adverse effects. Reshetnev University Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry and Engineering of Organic Matter Department by the Faculty of Chemical Technology Elena Semichenko helped us to do this.

Firstly, let´s take a glance at the typical ingredients. It has wheat flour (the same as at home), salt, starch, palm oil (it's not very healthy because of saturated fats, as they contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, even though does not bring harm to a healthy body). Sodium carbonate-baking soda and sodium Polyphosphate are used to regulate acidity.

“The white wheat flour that makes up the noodles does not have many benefits. The fact is that flour consists of grains, which contain the germ and the shell (in its most simplified form). During the grain processing the amount of fiber and vitamins decreases. In most cases it is better to eat whole-grain flour,” said Elena Semichenko.

Besides water, starch, salt and palm oil, the stock contains potassium sorbate (potassium salt of sorbic acid, sodium benzoate). Sorbic and benzoic acids are natural compounds found in berries. Both acids are preservatives and are added to food.

It also contains monosodium glutamate, which is covered by terrible legends. But this is the sodium salt of the amino acid, the amount of which is more in any steak than in Doshirak.

Another frightening substance is maltodextrin. This substance is derived from corn starch. It is widely used for cooking foods for children and diet.

“There is medicine in the spoon, but poison - in the cup,” said Elena Semichenko. “In the quantities in which various substances are contained in noodles, they do not harm the body. However, it is impossible to constantly eat only 'Doshirak', because there is not enough protein and fat in it. Food should be varied. It is important to eat more vegetables, fruit, meat, especially beef and pork.”

“Doshirak instant noodles are certified products allowed for sale and consumption in Russia. It passed the test that meant it can be used. You definitely won't be poisoned if you use noodles in a reasonable amount,” summarized Elena Semichenko.