According to recommendations of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Reshetnev university introduces the distance mode of education from March,17 till April,18. Due to the new coronavirus emergency to ensure the safety of faculty members, students and staff of the University educational services will be delivered in full using digital technologies.

For detailed information students are advised addressing the Institutes offices in phone mode:

Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications: 8 (391) 291–91–48;

Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics: 8 (391) 291–90–25;

Institute of Civil Aviation and Customs Affairs: 8 (391) 291-90-10;

Institute of Engineering and Economics: 8 (391) 291–92–98;

Institute of Social Engineering: 8 (391) 266–04–06;

Institute of Forestry: 8 (391) 266-04-04;

Institute of Chemical Technology: 8 (391) 266-04-01;

Scientific and Training Center of Space Research and High Technologies Institute : 8 (391) 213–96–50