Dear friends!

The Organizing Committee of the "Siberian Space Design School 2020" expected the school could be held on schedule until recently. Unfortunately, the current situation with the spread of the new COVID-19 coronavirus infection does not allow us to realize our intentions. In this regard, the Organizing Committee decided to postpone the school to the end of January 2021, starting from Monday, January 25, when we expect that the situation will be stable. 

Noting the high interest shown in the subject of the school, the Organizing Committee thanks all potential participants who addressed us, who planned their arrival in Krasnoyarsk and participation in the work of the school, and expresses confidence that we will be able to meet all of you at the beginning of 2021. 

We are pleased to inform you that the creative team of scientists and specialists of the University, despite the problems caused by the special mode of work in the conditions of coronavirus infection kept on improving educational materials. For example, you can take a look at the developed short video reviews of the main working topics of the school here.

We are sure that our new developments will make learning at school even more interesting and productive!

We look forward to welcoming you in warm and hospitable Siberia in January 2021!


The Organizing Committee Of «Siberian Space Design 2020-2021 School»