Youth center for innovative technologies "Energia" was established on the basis of Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology in 2017. The center supports the scientific and technical potential of students and pupils and helps in training future researchers.

The center has three student laboratories, each of which is responsible for its own field of activity and is equipped with the latest technology. A computer class with multimedia equipment and software that allows you to engage in 3D modeling is very popular among students.

The prototyping laboratory has 3D printers, a laser engraving machine, and a 3D scanner. Laboratory of mechanical processing and industrial robotics has CNC milling machine, manual measuring tools, cutting plotters, soldering stations for making layouts and models.

Classes in these modern laboratories adapt young people to the requirements of the labor market, help them gain experience in production and research, and popularize domestic and world achievements in cosmonautics and aircraft technology. The University management has identified several key projects:

1) Development of a folding solar panel in the form of origami for a satellite of the cubesat format;

2) Development of unmanned aerial vehicles for planting seedlings;

3) Development of a two-component extruder for creating polymers with unique properties;

4) Creating a robotic platform with artificial intelligence.

The new Director of the Center Denis Yatmanov, is a graduate of the Siberian Aerospace Academy (Department of "Aircraft"), a master's of Reshetnev University in the field of "Physics". He was interested in space developments since school, when he independently made a telescope of the Newton system with a mirror diameter of 125 mm. For several years, he worked at the Krasnoyarsk "Newton Park", where he created unique exhibits showing various physical effects. Denis Yatmanov is a person who is passionate about the ideas of scientific creativity. He sets his task to interest and motivate students to build their future in the format of a Creator.

Denis Yatmanov

Denis Yatmanov:We want to have students who already have the skills or have a desire to learn in the following areas: 3D design, prototyping, microelectronics, programming. The work of students will be carried out by teams. The end result of their activities will be a ready-made prototype and publications in scientific articles. The scientific laboratories of the university help us as well. The purpose of this interaction is to grow a researcher! A student who has completed his journey at the Center will improve his competencies and will be able to participate in scientific events, (for example WorldSkills) and this will be an additional bonus for his career.