Reshetnev University scientists have developed a prototype of a robot for Arctic travel. Small robot does not require a lot of preparatory work to run. The diving robot in the form of a quadcopter uses rotors on its limbs in the same way as aerial ones.

The apparatus can have much more applications than just archaeological research. It can be used for environmental monitoring, inspection of the underwater part of ships and underwater structures, the survey of recently sunken objects (for example, cars that have gone under the ice on ice crossings), and entertainment functions - after all, underwater shooting can be carried out not only on the Yenisei.

Project team

The first mission of the robots built by Reshetnev University was to explore the environment at the bottom of the Yenisei River, with a possible subsequent expedition to the Volga and, ultimately, the development of the Arctic in the more distant future.

Aleksandr V. Sayapin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics of Reshetnev University, Head of the team.

"I think that this project is a good example of how the subjects that our students study can be used in practice. We use physics, the strength of materials (calculations of the strength of the case), mathematics (optimal control of apparatus, taking into account its features) and subjects related to information technology (programming and data transmission)."

International Cooperation Department