Within the framework of the working visit to Reshetnev University the Consul General Davlatkhoja Yatim met with the Rector of the University Edkham Sh. Akbulatov. The meeting was attended by the Head of the International Cooperation Department of Reshetnev University Ekaterina. V. Fibikh, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Krasnoyarsk A. A. Zakharov, member of the Krasnoyarsk local public organization of the Tajik national-cultural autonomy "VATAN" A. Kh. Saidamirov.

During the conversation Consul General and Rector discussed many topics, including the prospects for cooperation at the level of joint measures to prevent terrorism and extremism.

The meeting was focused on the issues of admission and training of Tajik students at Reshetnev University. Today 255 students from the Republic of Tajikistan study at Reshetnev University. Students from Tajikistan study in all 10 institutes of the university. Most of them study at the Institute of Forest Engineering – about 80 people, and at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications -more than 50 people.

Edham Sh. Akbulatov, Rector of Reshetnev University: "Currently, the university has a development program, the purpose of which is to significantly improve the quality of research and educational activities. We set ourselves the task of strengthening the selection system based on a competitive examination, increasing the average score of the Unified State Exam. All of this is connected with the current requirements to improve the quality of educational services. We strive to reach a new level of quality of training of qualified specialists. In this regard, we are currently working on modernizing our educational programs - first of all, the master's degree program, and in the future this will affect other degree programs. The goal is to increase the status of the university against the background of other universities in the Russian Federation."

Reshetnev University today strives to enter the top areas in the development of science and technology – cyberphysical systems, artificial intelligence, communication and remote sensing systems, robotic systems and complexes, low-orbit spacecraft, as well as smart materials. Another serious area is ecology - that is, what is associated with the natural organic background of our planet – forests and other landscape areas that play a significant role in the global natural balance. Given the increasing complexity of educational programs, the university is waiting for serious training activity from foreign applicants. In this regard, the Rector noted that the university is committed to the effective development of cooperation in the educational sphere with the Republic of Tajikistan.

Davlatkhoja Yatim, Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan in Novosibirsk, Russia: "Indeed, the areas that were announced today are important for the development of the economics of the Republic. I would like to organize a visit, and if the current situation does not allow this, then organize a number of online meetings of representatives of your university in schools in Tajikistan. We are interested in training of qualified specialists. The topic of ecology is particularly relevant – this is a big problem for Tajikistan, given the situation with melting glaciers. Now we really do not have human resources capable of doing this direction."

Also among the current topics of the conversation were the issues of the possibility of returning students to Russia to their place of study. More than 90 first-year students were unable to start full-time education due to closed borders. Reshetnev University organized distance learning for this students.

This was the first introductory meeting of the Consul General with the executives of Reshetnev University. Both parties are eager to continue their cooperation.

 Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan presents as a gift to the Reshetnev University the work of Tajik masters.