Ilya Skorobogatov was at school when he started repairing broken mobile phones. This brought a small income, but most importantly, it satisfied a huge curiosity about how all these smart computers are arranged, completely erasing any distances. The big world opened up with a single click. Especially this hobby was enjoyed by relatives, Ilya repaired everything for them for free! When entering the university, Ilya chose, of course, computer science exam. In the summer of 2017, there was a decent competition for applicants, Ilya had enough points, and he got to the direction where he is now studying – Automated Information Processing and Management Systems.

Ilya Skorobogatov, 4th year student, project manager of "My Reshetnev University (Мой СибГУ)": Automation of business processes-for an advanced solution in all areas of activity, whether it is medicine, or production at a factory, even art-today everything is translated into digital format. This saves a huge amount of time and eliminates any inaccuracies that may occur when doing this work manually. So the whole world goes into digital. Given that today it is still a long row to hoe, and we are still only at the very beginning, I think that in the next 10-15 years my profession will be the most demanded.


The mobile application "My Reshetnev University(Мой СибГУ)" was the first serious project for Ilya and his team. They came up with the idea a year ago. A group of three students, classmates, close friends, students of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications came to Ilya as the chairman of the student council with their idea. They already had some groundworks and they said: Let's try to do something!

The ideologist of the project is Nikita Khramushin, who suggested creating a mobile application that is useful for the life of a student of a particular university. Nikita, according to those who know him, is simply obsessed with programming. In the project he is responsible for the visual component. For reference-there are two directions in programming: the so-called frontend and backend. The front end is what users see, where, in fact ,they "click on the buttons", the back end is everything related to databases and information storage. Nikita is responsible for the front end on Android operating system.

Another member of the team is Artem Rylov, who is responsible for the visual component on the Apple operating system (iOS).

Anton Abramov is the main back end developer of the project. Recently, Anton invited Kirill Mil to join the team. Kirill is a student at the Institute of Space Technology. The magnificent five!


According to Ilya, who performs an administrative role in the project, all the guys from his team are united by a certain all-consuming love for programming, for them it is both a craft, and a professional chance for a successful career, and a hobby-all together! They spend all their free time on it, they live on it. When the team worked on the product, they worked 12-16 hours a day, seven days a week. They just got their heart set on with the idea.


Ilya Skorobogatov, 4th year student, administrator of the project "My Reshetnev University": Given that we are a technical university, we absolutely must have a self-developed mobile application. We began to discuss what specific potential can be realized, what else can be in this application, what is important and what it needs. - We made some blueprints and implemented them. There was a news feed that was filled exclusively by the heads of various student associations about events that were coming or happening, everything related to student government; there was a schedule, a map of all buildings with redirection to the navigator; there was information on all our institutes, including the directorate, contacts of departments and contacts of student councils. When there was a more or less understandable product, we released it digital distribution services, gained an audience of fifteen hundred people.

I came to a meeting with the rector, presented this product, and said that we want to expand, but we need administrative support. E. Sh. Akbulatov(Rector of Reshetnev University) supported our idea, asked us to put it together conceptually, so that it would be clear what exactly we want to get as a result. For two months we have been developing a project and preparing a presentation. And we showed all this to the rector again, and he appointed responsible curators to help us.