Robot engineering today is one of the most popular directions of technical art of the Youth Center of innovative technologies «Energy» of the University of Reshetnev. Why robots are so interesting to modern youth, what robots are in the trend today, and how to make a reality out of dreams - in the comments of enthusiastic students.

Leonid Savchenko, 22 age, a student of the 4th course of mechatronics and robotics of the University of Reshetnev, a tutor of scientific projects and an engineer of YCIT (Youth Center of Information Technologies) «Energy».


That’s what you want to do!

- Leonid, why the interest in design?

- Both at school and at work I do technical creativity, that is, I design various constructions, devices and robots, and then I implement them. And it’s incredibly interesting! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to make all kinds of devices and robots from my favorite movies. Since I was 6 years old, I started to connect the wiring and, of course, design the Legos. Having become a little older I watched such programs as «Mythbusters», «Galileo» and others on the channel Discovery. In the sixth grade, there was a robotics club, which I immediately signed up for, and we started going to technical competitions, which were all kinds of exhibitions, grants, even then we went to cities in Russia and we won these grants. Then I entered Reshetnev University, purposefully on «mechatronics and robotics». In the second year I got a job on one of the local TV channels, in the mornings I led a scientific column «Mythbusters». It was almost what you want to do. Also, since I was 19 years old, I started working as a robotics teacher in various schools and clubs. Now I am a tutor of scientific projects in YCIT «Energia», we construct everything you can imagine.

- You’re building a robot out of star warriors, how did the graduate officers feel about that choice?

Two years ago, when the idea was formulated, I was a little worried that the board wouldn’t approve of what I wanted to do, and there were reasons for that, because my robot is not exactly a standard industrial manipulator. But for my course of study, that is the main topic of the diploma. However, my thesis executives were very good at this and supported the desire to do something with their own hands.


- What problems have you encountered in developing and implementing a robot?

- The difficulties can be divided into two categories: difficulties near the project, it is my fear and worry that they will not take the job and that there will be inaccurate data. And the problems and the difficulties in design and design are, of course, the lack of resources at an early stage, when I had a 3-dimensional model ready. Working it out in a particular program, I didn’t get a chance to print it all.

- Does not YCIT «Energy» provide resources?

- YCIT solved all my problems. First I made a model, and then I got into YCIT, where I got a job.

- Do you have a professional purpose in life, what you want to be?

- There is a studio in Los Angeles on visual sects «Industrial light and magic», this studio has made special effects for Starwarrior, Lord of the rings, Transformers, Harry Potter etc. I want to work on special effects!

Daniel Phil, 21 age, a student of the 3rd IEM course of the University of Reshetnev, a student of Leonid Savchenko, designs underwater drone «Skat». The motto is «Main wish».

The «Skat» must be examined!


Daniel, what are your technical interests?

- I prototype and construct, at the moment I work on project «Skat». I study at Reshetnev University in mechatronics and robotics. For me, this is an opportunity for creativity. When I was 12 years old, I started working on lathe machines, I made my first plane, but he didn’t fly himself, but still. There was always a urge to do it!


Was there a problem in designing the stingray?

- First, the skate must swim, that is, it must be hydrodynamic, light, second, it must swim on the surface, as well as dive without problems and the last, is the connection with the skate, underwater completely inappropriate conditions for radio communication. But these are just the first steps, and all the problems lie ahead.

How deep will the slope go?

- The plans are to dive to a working depth of 5 meters minimum.

Do you wish to conquer the Mariana Trench?

- No, I’m planning on doing just research. My dream is to become a great designer.

Because we’re a team!


Today, robotics is not just about designing robots, it is a separate art form and is very popular among young people. Working as a team, under the leadership of Leonid Savchenko, students of the Youth Innovation Center construct everything that can be imagined and realize the dream of reality.

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