The project will be developed at the university’s Satellite Information reception and processing centre. This was discussed at a meeting with the rector of Reshetnev University E.S. Akbulatov, first Vice-chancellor V.A. Kureshov, projector of scientific and innovative activity Y.Y. Loginov, director of the Forest Technology Institute S.V. Verhovca, director of the Institute of Space Research and High Technologies A.A. Kuznetsov, other directors.

The aim of the Centre will be, among other things, to solve the problem of rapid supply of information for forest fire management and forecasting of the situation. At present, according to the project proponents, all structures involved in the problem limit their activities to monitoring functions only.


The current situation of forest fire monitoring in the country and the region was described by the director of the Scientific and Technical Centre Space Solutions A.N. Borisevich. Among the main technological and strategic shortcomings he attributed to the obsolete, insufficiently implemented in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation federal systems for monitoring forest fires - «RMIS Rosselkhoz» and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; the difficulty of mapping the burning edges and providing information to rangers on aerial patrols, restrictions on the use of aircraft and drones; the lack of a unified service, which allows to carry out round-the-clock monitoring and rapid information for specialists in the forest; lack of specialists and specialized software.


The initiators of the project propose to establish a Remote Sensing Land Data Center (ERS) on the basis of Reshetnev University, using the equipment and computing facilities available here. Once the satellite reception facility has been upgraded, it is planned to deploy an online satellite interpretation facility, Creation of spatial databases and creation of final information products and their transfer for the needs of the local minefield, as well as for information support of the country’s «Arctic Forest Fire Centre».  


As noted by Rector E.S. Akbulatov, the establishment of the monitoring center is linked to the activities of the university in the development of a small space vehicle, the development of a mission control center and the monitoring of forest areas. The development of the center should be linked to the educational activities of the two institutions, IFT and SEC ISRHT.


E.S. Akbulatov, rector of Reshetnev University: "I support the establishment of such a center. The world is global, we’re going to have remote sensing information on everyone’s phone soon, but you have to be able to use it! It is important to articulate the range of tasks under which we will work. In terms of digital practices in forestry practices, this needs to be universal and skilled. There is a need to change educational programmes, for example, the number of hours associated with remote sensing will have to be increased if students are to organize practical work and project education on the basis of this center, but all this is feasible within the scope of the tasks."

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