From 21 to 27 June 2021, the CMAS World Underwater Sport Championships (apnea) were held in the capital of Serbia. Twenty-six countries participated in international competitions, with a total of 126 athletes.


As part of the Russian national team, the instructors of the FC sports club of the Reshetnev University, the active athletes Yarovitskaya Vera and Jatkina Anastasiya acted.

In the team standings Russia won 1st place!

Also in the personal exam, our girls showed a great result:

- Jatkina Anastasia - 2nd place (apnea endurance 16 x 50 m), 3rd place (apnea endurance 8 x 50 m);

- Yarovitskaya Vera - 1 place (speed apnea 100 m).

We congratulate the athletes and coaches I.A. Tolstopatov, A.N. Lisovic with the won medals, and wish further success!


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