For the first time in the region, coniferous seedlings with a closed root system began to be grown, which will ensure increased survival of seedlings after planting in the ground in the forest. The greenhouses of the MP "Green Construction Management" (@mpuzs24, @minles24) became the pilot site. This program is supervised by the Ministry of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


Graduate students of the Institute of Forest Technologies took a direct part in sowing during their pre-graduate practice. More than 1 million plants were sown in the greenhouse.


The head of the pre-graduate practice from Reshetnev University is E. V. Avdeeva, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Department of Technologies and Machines of Environmental Management. The project managers are E. V. Potylitsyn, General Director, D. V. Ivanov, Deputy General Director, E. V. Kiryushin, Deputy General Director, graduate of the Department of TEM of the first edition of 2000 in the specialty "Machines and equipment of environmental management and environmental protection".


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