"Star Wars" at Reshetnev University, a graduate of Reshetnev University independently designed a spherical robot from the famous "Star Wars" and defended his diploma with excellent marks. How such an original topic appeared, what an ideal diploma defense should look like, what helps in the work-in the comments of Leonid Savchenko, a graduate of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, a tutor of YCIT "Energia".

Perfect protection  

- Leonid, how was the diploma defense?

- The defense was great! After my speech, at which I showed in detail and told how the spherical robot works BB8, all the members of the commission applauded me, wished me good luck in further promoting projects and invited me to the master's program. They asked very few questions, they only asked: how would I like to use the robot in the future.


- Perfect protection?

- For me, the ideal defense is when I go out with a prototype, and they ask me questions, as if I am speaking at an exhibition or competition!

100 parts and two years of work

- What are your plans?

- I have an idea to take the BB8 created by me and make another R2D2-this is also a robot from "Star Wars". I plan to make the round robot help R2D2 in the implementation of some goal. For example, if the stated goal of BB8 is to transfer various items, then R2D2 will accept items from BB8 and transfer them to a person. All this will be on the defense of my master's thesis, so I will not give up BB8 and will not sell it.

- It took two years to design a spherical robot, how many parts are there in it?

- I've never counted, but you can do it right now. Structurally, the robot consists of 2 parts: an external housing - a sphere and an internal housing - a bundle of drives. If we talk only about the outer case, then there are 36 segments in the central wheel alone, there are segments in the form of a triangle on the right and left, and there are 12 more, so it turns out 48, and this is only the outer case! Bundles of drives, and there are also about 50 of them, a total of about 100 parts, not counting electronic components, bolted and screw connections.


Come to the YCIT "Energia"!

- There are many robotics clubs in the city, mostly schoolchildren go there, and they also make mobile robots. How does your robot differ from the robots of schoolchildren?

- Schoolchildren who are engaged in robotics, compared with many students (bachelors, undergraduates), have a great advantage - they have a fire in their eyes, they want to do something, invent! It is in the link of school robotics that you can see a huge variety of robots: one teenager made a walking robot, another a flying robot — all this is very interesting! MCIT "Energy" - for such guys!

Returning to the question, my robot is different in design, fullness, that is, I have identified a problem, relevance, innovation, analysis of existing pro totypes, etc.

- A dream?

- Yes, there is, but it's not really a robot, it's more a kind of controlled device - the AT-ST walker from Star Wars. It is 5 - 6 meters high, on two legs. If I do it on a scale of 1:1, and for him to walk and run, then I will say-this is my peak!


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