Everything Students Need to Know About the Novel Coronavirus

Latest decision of the Government of the Russian Federation
To ensure national security, protect the health of the population and curb the spread of the coronavirus infection in line with Russian law and the provisions of the applicable international treaties, the Government of the Russian Federation had made a decision to temporarily restrict the entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons to the Russian Federation, starting midnight of March 18, 2020 local time until midnight of May 1, 2020 local time. During telephone conversations with Prime Ministers of Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin emphasized that the measures taken by the Russian Federation conform to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, are caused by special circumstances and are only temporary.



According to recommendations of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Reshetnev university introduces the distance mode of education from March,17 till April,18. Due to the new coronavirus emergency to ensure the safety of faculty members, students and staff of the University educational services will be delivered in full using digital technologies.

For detailed information students are advised addressing the Institutes offices in phone mode:

Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications: 8 (391) 291–91–48;

Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics: 8 (391) 291–90–25;

Institute of Civil Aviation and Customs Affairs: 8 (391) 291-90-10;

Institute of Engineering and Economics: 8 (391) 291–92–98;

Institute of Social Engineering: 8 (391) 266–04–06;

Institute of Forestry: 8 (391) 266-04-04;

Institute of Chemical Technology: 8 (391) 266-04-01;

Scientific and Training Center of Space Research and High Technologies Institute : 8 (391) 213–96–50

Professor in Computer Sciences at the University of Paris VIII of Vincennes in Saint-Denis Dominique Archambault visited Reshetnev University. 

Professor Archambault is leading the team THIM (Technologies, Disabilities, Interactions, Multimodalities), part of CHArt laboratory (EA 4004, Human and Artificial Cognition), where he is conducting researches on non-visual human-computer interaction and accessibility to complex documents. He has been working with students with disabilities in Universities since 1988, at different levels. From 2012 to 2016, he was appointed by the President of University Paris 8 as Policy Manager, with the role of defining the policies of the University in terms of Handicap (especially about providing support and help to students with disabilities at the university, but also staff) and the charge of piloting the support center for students with disabilities.

During his stay in Krasnoyarsk professor had a hectic schedule. He participated in a discussion panel at Social Engineering Institute where he shared his experience on innovative forms of social work with people with special health needs introduced in France and told about technologies for creating an accessible environment and improving the life quality of people with disabilities. The participants of the panel had also an opportunity to watch the perfomance of the inclusive theatre "Freedom".


At official meeting with the rector of Reshetnev University Edkham Sh. Akbulatov and the head of rector administration Vladimir A. Kureshov the participants discussed the global issues of inclusive education, and ways of development the cooperation between universities in the field of joint research and educational programs. Dominique Archambault was impressed by the professional level of Reshetnev university staff and research facilities of the departments. The meeting revealed the common approaches of Russia and France to establishing notable partnership. 



Foreign specialist Thomas Fisсher visited the Institute of Chemical Technology. Thomas Fisсher is a Professor of Central analytical laboratory, Brandenburg University of Technology of Cottbus-Senftenberg. Aiming to get acquianted with the university, its infrastructure, educational programs, stuff, students professor Fisсher was plunged into the life of our university by Rashit A. Nazirov, the Vice-rector on Development, Aleksei V. Lyubyashkin, the Director of the Institute of Chemical Technology and Igor N. Pavlov, the Head of the Department of Wood Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. At the official meeting with the administration of Reshetnev University there were disscussed the issues of future cooperation between our universities.


Rector Edkham Sh. Akbulatov said "We are pleased to see the professor of the European university so interested in cooperation with our university. Collaboration with Brandenburg University of Technology will contribute both to level up the research at Reshetnev University and reach the level of national research universities."


During the visit a German professor was also introduced to the history of Soviet and Russian Space industry at Reshetnev Space Museum. Director of the museum offered a fascinating tour to Mr. Fischer telling him about Yury Gagarin`s first flight, spacecraft arrangement, astronauts rations, etc. Afterwards the professor was offered to watch the maps of the starry sky at Reshetnev University Observatory.