1. Space technology and rocket engineering. Modeling and designing of space-rocket systems.

2. Dynamics and strength of spacecraft structures.

3. Modern technologies in the production of rocket and space technologies.

4. Automatic control systems and electrical supply of space vehicles.

5. Designing of mechanical systems of space vehicles.

6. Space technology and telecommunications.

7. Designing and production of rocket and space technologies.

8. Information control systems.

9. Space monitoring.

10. Operation and reliability of aviation equipment. Navigation and control of air traffic.

11. Automation and control in technical systems.

12. Mathematical modeling and numerical methods in natural and technical sciences. Algorithmic support and software of spacecraft control.

13. System analysis and methods of operations’ research. Nonparametric systems.

14. Physics and technology of nanostructures. Magnetic properties of crystals.

15. Industrial ecology. Utilization of missiles and rocket fuels.

16. Philosophy of science and technology. Science.

17. Economics and organization of rocket and space industry enterprises.

18. Integration theory and integrated structures in the economy.

19. Innovation and investment management.

20. Competitiveness and sustainable development of the region.

21. Aerospace education. Scientific and methodological problems of improving the quality of training specialists.