The Scientific and Training Center “Space Systems and Technologies” was established together with PJSC “Information Satellite Systems” for the training of elite specialists through project-oriented teaching technologies. The center consists of a pilot plant, a “clean room” for assembling space vehicles and experiments, and laboratories with modern high-precision equipment for assembling space vehicles and experiments.

The Scientific and Training Center “Closed Space Systems” was established together with the Institute of biophysics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science and the Special Construction Office “Science”. The scientific and engineering work force is trained here. The third generation of the scientific and technological basics of life support systems was developed here within the unique facility BIOS-3.

The Industry Resource Center “Space Vehicles and Systems” was established at SibSAU with support from Roskosmos. The center has unique equipment that facilitates the development of space vehicles.

The Center of Space Monitoring, together with the Institute of Wood of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science and the Emergency Ministry, works in the field of monitoring of natural resources and distant Earth probing to predict natural and anthropogenic catastrophes on the territory of Siberia and the Far East. The center also retouches satellite images.

The Students’ Space Mission Control Center of Small Space Vehicles exists to improve the educational process and scientific and research work involved in designing space vehicle management systems, electronic management models, and methods for protecting telemetery data. The center is equipped with software and hardware to support the student work in the area. The center also houses a space mission control facility.

The Center for Space Exploration solves applied and scientific problems concerning the measurement of space vehicles’ orbital parameters. The educational process, development and production of educational telescopes, take place at the center. SibSAU specialists established the system of distant telescope management to get digital images through the Internet.