New ideas. Reshetnev University international summer school “Siberian Space Design School” 2023 has started!


On August 22, 2023 Siberian Space Design School 2023 summer (SSDS 2023s) has officially launched its start.

SSDS is an innovative school for students who are aimed to increase their knowledge in the sphere of space and get an inspiration for their scientific research. The language of study is English. This program forms and improves the students' engineering competencies in the design, development and operation of small satellites of the CubeSat class.

SSDS offers unique educational program developed by qualified faculty and space science specialists of the Reshetnev University to introduce the basics of Cubesat construction, the orbital movement of CubeSat small satellites and their service conditions in space. This program provides students with the opportunity to communicate with the leading experts in the field of space science and research through lectures and workshops.

The study combines lectures and project practice to gain a valuable work experience on practice

The first day of studies was very productive. It was attended by students from China, Indonesia and Russia. Speaker of the first day - Senior Lecturer of the Physics Department of Reshetnev University, Vice-Head of the Research Laboratory “Small satellite”, Head of the Space Mission Dmitry Zuev - conducted a course of lectures on small satellites and CubeSat, Cubesat payload and applications. He introduced the objectives of the space mission. At the end of the first day of studies, the students began to develop a conceptual design of the space mission.

The training conducts in project groups and has a practical applicability in the field of space technology and research. Project defense in the form of a technical report and presentation is scheduled for the last day of training.

The speakers of the second day of training, were Dmitry  Zuev and engineer of the Research Laboratory “Small satellite” - E.S. Lepeshkina .

As part of the first lecture Dmitry Zuev outlined in details the basic concepts and laws associated with the orbits and mentioned the practical problems of the topic. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the important factors that affect the formation of orbits and ensure the stability of the movement of space objects. The lecture provided with an opportunity to get a deepen knowledge in this area and get new ideas for further scientific research and engineering work.

During their practice, students studied the orbital motion of spacecraft, figured out how to build the orbits of a satellite constellation, and even modeled some types of satellite constellations in the General Mission Analysis Tool - a program that was used to calculate the trajectory of interplanetary spacecraft.

E.S. Lepeshkina reviewed the onboard systems of the small satellites. She has considered the division of the satellite into a platform and payload, analyzed the systems of the small satellites.

At the end of the second school day, students learned about the environment and how space can cause damage to equipment.

The SSDS-23s is held for ten days, from August 21 to August 31, 2023.