Reshetnev University students were among the winners of the CyberSprint of All-Russian Anti-Corruption Forum of Financial and Economic Bodies of GC “RTK-Solar”


July 18, 2023 RTK-Solar Group of Companies held a CyberSprint for students of Russian universities as part of the All-Russian Anti-Corruption Forum of Financial and Economic Bodies in Ufa

We congratulate the students of Electronic Systems and Information Security Department of Samara Polytech and IT Security Department of Reshetnev University. As a team of two universities they won second place at the CyberSprint. Our team yielded only to the team of ITMO University from St. Petersburg. Students now have an opportunity to express themselves at various spheres of practical-oriented cyber studies and it all thanks to the cooperation of our departments and to our friends from Rostelecom-Solar. Our students are going to continue to take part in such contests. Program and technical platform “Solar Cyberworld” was used to provide the cyber studies. With the help of simulated digital copies of typical enterprise infrastructures in various industries, it allows to conduct trainings in conditions that as close as possible to the real life- informs the head of the IT Security Department, V.V. Zolotarev

The team included 5 people:

- Semenov Vladislav (Samara Polytech)

- Eluferev Andrei (Samara Polytech)

- Skripnik Stanislav (captain of the team) (Samara Polytech)

- Seligeev Sergei (Reshetnev University)

- Alekseenko Mikhail (Reshetnev University)


We congratulate the students and wish them new achievements!