Areas of research

Scientific research is carried out in the following branches of science and technology:

    Rocket and satellite engineering      
    Engineering technologies
    IT – technologies
    Complex forest resources research
    Chemical technologies
    Technologies of composites production
    Robotics and radio engineering
    Additive technology
    Aerospace exploration of territories
    Industrial biotechnologies
    Energy-efficient technologies
    Economics of high-tech industries
    Social and humanitarian aspects of region development

Scientific research is carried out in the following programmes:

01.00.01 Mathematics and Mechanics

03.00.01 Physics and Astronomy

05.00.01 Earth sciences

09.00.01 Informatics and Computing

10.00.01 Information Security

11.00.01 Electronics, radio engineering and communication systems

13.00.01 Electric and heat engineering

15.00.01 Mechanical engineering

24.00.01 Aviation and rocket space technology

25.00.01 Air navigation and operation of aviation and rocket space technology

29.00.00 Physics

30.00.00 Mechanics

31.00.00 Chemistry

34.00.00 Biology

38.00.01 Economics and management

39.00.01 Sociology and social work

42.00.00 Media, Information and library services

47.00.01 Philosophy, ethics and religious studies

61.00.00 Chemical Technology. Chemical industry

62.00.00 Biotechnology

66.00.00 Forest and wood processing industries

68.00.00 Agriculture and forestry

87.00.00 Environmental protection