Bachelor degree program


 Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications

01.03.04 Applied Mathematics

09.03.01 Informatics and Computing

09.03.02 Information Systems and Technologies

09.03.04 Programme Engineering

11.03.02 Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Systems

15.03.04 Automation of Technological Processes and Production

27.03.03 System Analysis and Control

Scientific and Training Center of Space Research and High Technologies Institute

03.03.02 Physics

Institute of Engineering and Economics

09.03.03 Applied Informatics

15.03.01 Mechanical Engineering

27.03.02 Quality Management

27.03.05 Innovation Studies

38.03.01 Economics

38.03.02 Management

38.03.03 Human Resources Management

Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

13.03.03 Power Engineering

15.03.01 Mechanical Engineering

15.03.05 Engineering and Technological Support of Machine Engineering Industry

15.03.06 Mechatronics and Robotics

16.03.03 Refrigerating, Cryogenic Engineering and Life Support Systems

27.03.01 Standardization and Metrology

Institute of Forestry

15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment

20.03.01 Technosphere Safety

23.03.02 Land Transport and Technological Complexes

35.03.01 Forestry

35.03.02 Logging Technology and Wood Processing Industries

35.03.10 Landscape Architecture

Institute of Chemical Technology

15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment

18.03.01 Chemical Technology

18.03.02 Energy and Resources Saving Processes in Chemical Engineering, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology

19.03.01 Biotechnology

22.03.01 Material Engineering and Technology of Materials

44.03.04 Professional Education (according to the field of study)

Institute of Civil Aviation and Customs Affairs

25.03.01 Technical Operation of Aircraft and Engines

25.03.02 Technical Operation of Aircraft Electrical Systems and Flight-navigation Complexes

38.05.02 Customs Affairs

Institute of Social Engineering

39.03.02 Social Work

42.03.01 Advertising and Public Relations

44.03.01 Pedagogical Education

45.03.02 Linguistics