Story of Guo Zhiqiang


My Chinese name is Guo Zhiqiang, but people can also call me Johnny. I am from China.

I´m a bachelor in Electronic Information Science and Technology. I came to Russia to purchase my master´s degree in System Analysis.


I've always liked to study different languages, that is why I am here to study Russian. I also like skiing. It is pretty cool to do it in Krasnoyarsk because of the snow and cold temperature. I really like it!

We have good relationships between the university where I´ve been studying and Rechetnev University. Some students have already been to Krasnoyarsk as exchange students. When they returned they told us it was a good university to study in. So that is why I've chosen it.

Before I came here, I thought Russian people are always very serious about everything. But since I´m here, everybody is so warmly welcoming and friendly. I enjoy it.


My biggest challenge

My biggest challenge now is Russian food and different ways of education. Concerning the food, we have a huge difference in cooking. We like to eat spicy, but the food in Russia is not spicy enough. For now everybody is getting used to it and we enjoy eating cheese and other products.

The Russian language

The Ruusian language is pretty hard compared to Chinese, because in Chinese we just need to remember hieroglyphics. Every word in the Chinese language is totally different, so it is easy to remember. But in Russian every word for me looks the same. And the funniest word is сейчас [seichas]. It means “now” and also can mean “wait”. Until now I am still confused about this word.


In China professors always pay much more attention to theoretical knowledge and we don’t have so many practical lessons there. In Russia it is totally different. We need to have practice classes every day and actually it shows our weak spots, but it can help me a lot to get practical skills. The teachers are much easier to communicate with, compared to China.

Russian people

I have some Russian friends and we are very close. Compared to Chinese, they can have a lot of fun at any time. Their character is much more active. We are always going outside to enjoy life and send gifts to each other. The most popular gift I´ve got here was chocolate. And I usually send the Chinese tea.

The first week when we came here, the Russian volunteers showed us a lot of beautiful places of nature in Krasnoyarsk, such as Ostrov Tatyshev (a big area with sporting grounds, sport facilities, a big field to walk, etc.); Stolby (a park with a complex of rocks within the area of 48 hectares), the Enisey river. It was beautiful and we had a lot of fun.

My major is System analysis and in China we do not have so many universities with this major. In my opinion it will help me a lot in my future career. We also have learned how to use R language, Rapidminer, Weka.These applications can help us to program some websites.

We usually take some Chinese seasonings when we come to Russia. This is the most important thing for us to take, and also some small presents to give to Russian friends.

To go or not to go?

If you need to gain more knowledge and want to enjoy your life, then of course you need to come. We have so much fun here and also can study a lot. I am quite sure that my language level is growing rapidly here.