Research and Training Center "Institute of Space Research and

High Technologies"


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Director of the Center : Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences - Aleksandr A. Kuznetsov

+7(391) 213-96-52


The Institute conducts scientific and educational activities related to the issues of Space. Students take part in various researches together with scientists.

The Institute trains modern physicists in construction and design of non-standard technical devices based on new physical laws. Students explore the physical properties of semiconductors and nanomaterials, nanotechnology and space material science.

Geodesy and remote sensing are the directions becoming more and more popular among the prospective students. Graduates of the Institute receive fundamental knowledge in the fields of photogrammetry, interpretation, astronomy, cartography, geographic information systems and obtain practical skills of work with modern software and equipment. This allows the alumni to work successfully in such fields as national inventory, land management, geodesy, cartography, natural resources research, environmental monitoring, geological exploration and other areas of science and technology.

Graduates of the Institute acquire the ability for creative thinking, independent development of new technical areas; they are professionally mobile and are always in great demand.

Research areas of the Institute:

·       Development and creation of advanced materials for the aerospace industry

·       Creation of nanostructures and space material science

·       Space facilities and methods for the study of natural resources

·       New technologies of space navigation and communications

·       Mathematical modeling and software in the natural and technical sciences


Institute’s structure:

Applied Physics Department

Aerospace Systems and Technology Department

Interfaculty Space Materials and Technologies Department