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Director of Institute: Candidate of Chemical Sciences - Alexey V. Lyubyashkin
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The Institute was established in 2016 on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of Reshetnev University, by merging two faculties – Processing of natural compounds and Chemical Technologies.

    The Institute trains bachelors, specialists and masters for enterprises, institutes and laboratories related to the production of medicines, biologically active substances, polymer and composite materials, products of organic and inorganic synthesis, pulp and paper production, production of energy-saturated compounds, solid rocket fuel, food and feed products, processing of oil, gas, plant biomass, disposal of industrial and household waste.

Scientific directions:

    Study of solvation and complexation processes in various media; selection of effective gorenje catalysts for motor fuels based on ferrocene; kinetics of electrochemical reduction of organic compounds.

    Synthesis and properties of aromatic and heterocyclic nitro-and nitro-derivatives; modeling of aromatic and heterocyclic molecules from aliphatic precursors; study of useful properties and applications of newly synthesized compounds.

    Development, research and improvement of chemistry and technology for obtaining effective polymer compositions and constituent components; research of new types of raw materials, materials and technological processes; research of physico-chemical properties, adsorption and reinforcing activity of ultrafine carbon materials.

    Study of the synthesis conditions and properties of energy-intensive dual-use compounds; synthesis, structure and properties of new energy-intensive nitroguanidine derivatives.

    Development of new composite materials and catalytically active substances; development, research and improvement of catalytic oil refining systems; production of environmentally friendly hydrocarbon fuels.

    Development of theoretical foundations of the reactivity of polyfunctional nitro compounds in the thermal decomposition reaction; synthesis of compounds with specified parameters for thermal stability.

    Development of the basics of the theory and technology of bioconversion of plant raw materials in order to obtain biologically active preparations - plant protection products (including planting material of forest woody plants) from various diseases, plant growth stimulants, feed biologically active additives and feed products.

    Study of mechanisms and development of theoretical foundations for effective bioconversion of renewable plant raw materials and deep cultivation of micro-and macroscopic fungi and the production of BAS, protein-carbohydrate products and complex enzyme preparations.

    Development of theoretical bases for processing plant raw materials to obtain biologically active substances, destructible biopolymers, polyphenols, sorbents and other consumer goods using mechanical and chemical activation and nanoporous materials.

    Development of technology of polymer poroplasts, including modified products of chemical and microbiological processing of plant raw materials in order to obtain effective sorbents for collecting oil spills from the surfaces of reservoirs, soil, as well as for wastewater treatment from oil, petroleum products and heavy metal ions.

    Physico-chemical bases of low-temperature stability of woody plants of Siberia.

    Regularities of the processes of hydrodynamics of the flow of fibrous suspensions and fiber defibrillation during deep chemical processing of Siberian tree biomass.

    Hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer during non-adiabatic rectification at vortex contact stages.

    Complex processing of wood greens of coniferous and deciduous species of Siberia with the production of biologically active substances.

    Research of aerogenic pollution of Krasnoyarsk. 

Institute’s structure:

Machines and devices of Industrial Technologies Department
Inorganic Chemistry Department
Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances Department
Industrial Ecology, Processes and Devices of Chemical Production Department
Physical and Analytical Chemistry Department
Chemical Technology of Wood and Biotechnology Department
Chemical Technology of Solid Rocket Fuels, Petroleum Products and Polymer Compositions Department