Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications 

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Director of the Institute: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences - Alexey M. Popov

+7(391) 291-91-47


The Institute provides students with the world class education in the field of information technology and telecommunications. From the day students first enter the Institute they are involved in exciting developments and building the future of high technologies.

Practical and theoretical training as well as joint projects allow students to develop onboard computers of communication satellites, optimize transportation and assess economic risks, protect computer networks from intrusions from the Internet and design mobile communication systems.

Students computerize projects of space probes and develop robots ability to move in an unknown environment, develop face recognition systems on video images and fire traces in satellite images.Computer Science is one of the best careers for the future.  Specialists in information security maintenance and information systems which are the basic specialties of the Institute are in high demand. Alumni of the institute work in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), other Intelligence or government agencies, large corporations and computer companies.

Students of the Institute have an opportunity to go for exchange education or internship to Ulm University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic) and others.

Institute’s structure

       IT Process Automation Department

       Electrical Engineering Department

       IT Security Department

       Advanced Mathematics Department

       Advanced Mathematics and Computer Science Department

       Closed Ecological Systems Department (part of the Scientific and Training Center Closed Space Systems)

       Informatics and Computer Engineering Department

       Information Control Systems Department

       Space Information Systems Department (joint with AO Information Space systems named after academician M.F. Reshetnev)

       Applied Mathematics Department (part of the Scientific and Training Center Information Systems Control)

       Radio Physics and Special Radio-Electronic Devices Department (joint with AO NPP Radiosviaz)

       System Analysis and Operation Research Department

       System Engineering Department

       Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications Department

There are graduate and postgraduate programs including both internal (on-campus) and external (off-campus) delivery modes (the way programs are delivered)  in the Institute. Click Bachelor's Degree Programs or Master's Degree Programs  to find out more about the majors in the Institute.