International Cooperation


Throughout its history Reshetnev University has established and maintains international relationships with more than fifty universities in over twenty-five countries around the world. The main focus of our international cooperation is on long-term projects aimed at making academic and research activities that meet world standards and concern issues of global significance in both technical and humanitarian areas.

Within the framework of an international cooperation program our University and its research group carries out the following activities:

·       Joint research activities

·       Exchange of academic and administrative staff and students

·       Joint academic programs development

·       Double-degree programs

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Academic Cooperation

The objective of international academic cooperation is the realization of mutually beneficial programs of academic exchange and joint projects. The aim of Reshetnev University is to have an average of 10% of international students either conducting a research here or being an exchange or actual students of a degree program. We also encourage students of Reshetnev University to participate in different programs of student mobility, such as scholarships for alumnus of Reshetnev University to get a Degree at a foreign university; winter and summer school programs; language courses; internship programs and exchange education in overseas universities. Each year, students of Reshetnev University take courses, volunteer, work and conduct research in over 50 countries around the globe.

Every year more than 50 foreign students come to Reshetnev University for exchange or for internships. Up to 25-30 students of Reshetnev University each year study abroad as exchange students or for double diplomas.

Most student mobility programs are developed with the European universities in such countries as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, etc. A lot of students from the CIS are also studying at Reshetnev University. Student exchange and study abroad programs are organized under Reshetnev University bilateral agreements with the following universities and organizations.

Reshetnev University occupies one of the top positions among Siberian institutions of higher learning participating in international academic projects, as well as collaborating with international research centers and industrial companies.. The University takes part in a number of European academic projects, among them: TEMPUS/TASIS, ERASMUS, Fulbright, DAAD and others.

Summary of a few Reshetnev University Projects:

·       Joint project with Neusoft University which allows Reshetnev University students to get dual diplomas with a Bachelor´s degree in Program Engineering of both Reshetnev University and Neusoft University.

·       Erasmus+ project with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. The project is aimed at realizing teaching, research staff and students exchange and working on master thesis projects and common research activities.